“Synthetic grass, in our garden?” You wonder.
Well, do not be surprised, because of its green / fresh look all year round, thanks to the ease of maintenance and especially because of the huge water savings, synthetic grass has long since left the public pool and became popular in private homes.

Just like everything else in life – there’s synthetic grass and synthetic grass – so if you’re interested in a synthetic grass that will look like real grass and its green colors will stay fresh for years, you’ll have to make sure you buy the best synthetic grass for your needs. That is why we have prepared for you the guide “do and do not do” in purchasing synthetic grass!

What to DO : Look at the synthetic grass

“There’s nothing like an eye sight” – even when it comes to synthetic grass! Therefore, our recommendation is to carefully examine the synthetic grass in a lighted place (if possible in a place lit by natural light). With strong lighting or natural lighting you can make sure that your synthetic grass has no trace of artificiality.

Please note that if there is more than one color range in the fibers of the synthetic grass it looks more natural, and a combination of four shades creates the perfect look.
And if you’re already in the store, you can go on to the next section …

Feel the Synthetic Turf in Los Angeles.– definitely a DO !
High quality synthetic grass is soft grass that is easy to touch and tread on, but when each of us has a different meaning for the word “pleasant”, even if an acquaintance or neighbor recommends a particular model of synthetic grass, this does not mean that this model will necessarily be convenient for you , So it is not recommended to buy synthetic grass without “fumbling” it in the store.

Make sure that behind the word durability there is proof. Every shopkeeper can say that his synthetic grass is the most durable, but few can prove it. One way to make sure that the synthetic grass you want to purchase is really strong and durable is to make sure that the grass is woven in a zigzag weaving that ensures that the grass fibers will not be torn after a short period of use.

Check the lawn warming : There is nothing more disappointing and frustrating than walking on fresh green grass that suddenly feels like boiling heart. In recent years, thanks to ground breaking technology, it is possible to create synthetic grass that does warm up, but not too much, so that it can be stepped on even during the hottest hours. You should check with the seller that the grass you are purchasing will not “burn” under your feet.

Without warranty – Do not buy synthetic turf without manufacturer warranty. If the lawn is made by a reputable brand of quality and if you say about the kind of synthetic grass you want to purchase that is durable for many years, there is no reason that you will not get manufacturer’s responsibility for it.

Unsafe – Do not buy synthetic grass if you do not know above all that the grass is safe for use by children and animals. It is important to make sure that synthetic materials are not used in the process of manufacturing synthetic materials that are unhealthy or harmful to the environment.

Do not compromise on your Synthetic Turf in Los Angeles.: Today, when there is such a huge diversity of synthetic grass, there is no reason to compromise; Not on the color of the grass, not on its softness, not on the length of your favorite fiber or even on its installation.

If you “do” and “do not do” what is said in this guide you are guaranteed full enjoyment of your lawn for many years of recreation in the garden.