To facilitate the selection, installation and maintenance of synthetic grass, we have prepared a guide that will lead you on the way to the dream garden, to the balcony or even to incorporate a piece of grass in the nursery or office. Do you understand?
It is important that the synthetic grass be adapted to the Israeli weather conditions. As we know, our Israeli sun is hot and therefore, it is important to choose a quality lawn with protection against fading.
Make sure that the synthetic grass you have purchased is approved by the Standards Institute, which will not contain cadmium and lead and will be free of toxins. Especially if the lawn is also used as a playground for children and babies as a place to host and meet.
Preferred that the synthetic grass be woven so that it had a strong grip on the fibers and a uniform, dense look. Choose a product that looks fresh and natural over time and will be soft and pleasant to the touch, will not fade and will have a high recovery capacity (fibers that are straightened back after treading).
But we have a lot of types of synthetic grass here in Los Angeles – what’s the difference ?
There are many types of grass, in a variety of different densities and qualities. Floor Design is the only company that manufactures synthetic grass in Israel, based on technological experience in the manufacture of tapestry carpets. The company has developed a weaving method called Zig Zag, which is made of European-made fibers that have undergone a process of preventing heat and create a strong and durable product. Synthetic grass contains four shades combined for a natural look and includes seven years warranty in case of fading.

Wembley grass, for example, combines four shades of green that bring it closer to the appearance of natural grass. The zig Zag fabric developed by the company enables a strong fiber grip that prevents any dropout or disintegration.
The Diamond Grass is suitable for those who like the sight of fresh green grass that seems to have just chopped and sipped and is in its prime. Wonder Grass grass includes innovative development – it has W fibers that rise after stepping.
The grip of the fiber is reinforced more, so the grass is exceptionally durable

What about Synthetic Turf regulation in Los Angeles ? – we got you covered !
Improper installation of synthetic grass, even of the highest quality, can lead to disappointing results. Therefore, it is recommended to use qualified and professional installers.
“The installation of synthetic grass requires skill and professionalism,” says Eli, a certified installer at our design center, “It is important to make sure that the grass has fibers that are durable and have UV protection Which do not heat even when the sun is beating “.

How is the maintenance of Synthetic Turf Los Angeles ?
Now it’s time to sit down, lift your legs and enjoy all that green. Once the synthetic grass has been installed, you will not have to mow, fertilize, and water. However, it is important to clean the lawn carefully with a broom and vacuum cleaner, or gently with a flexible rake or air blower. Stains of drink and the like can be cleaned with water. To keep the grass at its best, it is best to brush it a few times a year, and it is sometimes advisable to change the locations of heavy objects to prevent abrasion in certain areas.