Tough Turf Socal is “green” when it comes to Artificial turf in Irvine & any Fake Grass Installations.
Blue sky above, blue surface spread beneath them and blue uniformed players running back and forth in an attempt to beat the rival team – another routine day at Bronco Stadium in the USA. The sky-blue pitch instead of grassy green manages, time and time again, to spark a huge interest around it including a memorable story about a flock of ducks that plunged right into the field with a view to wading through a clear pool of water.

You will probably agree that in recent years synthetic grass has never looked more real and natural, especially when its color is green, nor will we argue that the most prominent advantage of synthetic grass is the considerable water savings and maintenance costs, but there are still some myths about synthetic grass that it is time to cut one And forever.

Synthetic grass is more expensive than natural grass ? True, if we compare synthetic grass surfaces with natural grass seeds, synthetic grass seems to be more expensive during the installation phase, but if we include various costs such as soil cultivation, lawn watering, pruning and maintenance, pest control and the like, we can see how 3 years the cost of buying synthetic grass returns itself.

Synthetic grass is not as comfortable as regular grass ?
The change in the thickness and fiber length of the synthetic grass and the use of advanced materials that give the synthetic grass a sense of softness have made the synthetic grass more comfortable than the natural grass known for its thorns. Ask any toddler or toddler who encounters high quality synthetic grass and immediately removes shoes and sprawls on it.

Does Synthetic grass quickly worn out ? – Although once the natural grass is trimmed, its green color returns fresh, but even the synthetic grass can maintain a green and fresh tinge for many years, provided you care about the following two conditions: 1. Select a high quality fade resistant synthetic grass. 2. Sweep or brush the synthetic grass once a month or more – depending on the amount of grass activity.

Artificial turf Irvine is not as healthy as natural grass – is that correct ?
We are accustomed to thinking that natural and healthy is not artificial, but in the case of synthetic grass, you do not have to be concerned about the health of your children or pets, because synthetic grass, unlike natural grass, is not sprayed with chemical or other harmful means. This is of course provided that the synthetic grass is approved by the Standards Institute.

Is Fake Grass Installation in Irvine provides a dry natural grass ?

Many people make the mistake of thinking that synthetic grass dries more slowly, but the facts prove that the opposite is true – synthetic turf dries faster, after the rain, compared to a regular lawn. The reason for the mistake lies in the fact that in the past synthetic grass was installed without worrying about preparing the proper infrastructure, but today when the synthetic grass installation also includes: alignment, cleaning the soil and maintaining drainage openings – the synthetic grass certainly dries faster than normal grass.

Does Artificial turf in Irvine is not as strong as natural grass ?

If the synthetic turf at the big stadiums is sufficiently resistant to a bunch of big players running, kicking and fumbling on it without even a single clearing being created on the surface, it can certainly hold up to the romp of a group of kids, as naughty as you may be.
Synthetic grass woven in the zig-zag weave does not drop out, because the zig-zag weave gives the fibers a stronger grip compared to synthetic grass woven in regular weaving. Used properly and properly maintained, high-quality synthetic turf in a zig-zag weave can last for many years.
If you install high quality synthetic grass in your yard, you are guaranteed hours and hours of fun and recreation and who knows maybe even the ducks will get confused and choose to come visit your lawn too.