artificial grass in Irvine is a great substitute for natural grass and not to be preferred by many.

There are several recommended synthetic grass types that are currently on sale, making the choice a real challenge.

If you are wondering which synthetic grass is recommended for your yard and do not know what to choose, here are some tips you can use:

Looking for recommended ?

We looked at its fiber density. The fiber density is the one that affects both the level of the grass’s durability and its appearance.

The higher the fiber density, the longer it will be durable and also look more natural compared to synthetic grass with less dense fibers.

When considering synthetic grass types today, we see that the average density is 16,800 fibers per 1 square meter.

When you check which synthetic grass is recommended, you should also consider the height of the grass fibers. Generally, it is recommended to look for synthetic grass when its fiber height is relatively low.

This is how it will look neat, well-groomed and mowed. Those who prefer the more natural look, the wild look, can find relatively high-fiber synthetic grass sheets.

Usually, the height of the fiber starts at 25 square meters and up to 40 square meters.

The weight of grass sheets is another parameter that should be taken into consideration when considering recommended synthetic grass types.

The higher the fiber, the higher the quality of the grass. The amount is reflected in the weight of the sheets.

The higher the weight of the grass, the more fiber and the grass you offer is very high quality.

It is worth comparing different types of synthetic grass with reference to the weight of the existing sheets and gap. It is very important to ensure that you receive a warranty when you purchase, for at least 5 years. You will receive the warranty from where you purchased the lawn from the company that manufactures it.

Looking for recommended synthetic grass? With us, simply green, you will find a selection of synthetic grass types, high quality types offered to you at a wide range of prices. Have a question and you decide which type to choose?

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If you are looking for recommended synthetic grass then you’ve come to the right place! Permanent grass imports high quality synthetic grass from 2000 and is one of the founders of the synthetic grass industry in Israel.

Before we recommend synthetic grass we need to know where the synthetic grass will be installed and what its main use will be.

There are now a wide variety of synthetic grass models designed for every purpose and purpose: sports fields, private gardens, balconies, public areas, businesses and more…

artificial grass types we recommended

The denser the synthetic grass fibers, the more resistant to abrasion. If the synthetic lawn is installed in a garden or balcony where the use is average then you can choose our synthetic lawn series in the Classic category.

The Classic Series is designed for average home use and has a large selection of high quality synthetic turf models.

Most recommended synthetic grass – for play and kids

Synthetic grass installed in play areas must have a particularly high fiber density – in order not to be easily eroded. In playgrounds, gardens and balconies where children play extensively on synthetic grass. It is recommended to choose strong, dense grass that will withstand the erosion load for years.

The Extreme Series is designed for play areas and areas that are widely used.