provides high quality Artificial Turf in Irvine, gardening and development services for a wide range of customers for more than 25 years.
We also do large public institutions, city parks, shopping malls and garden apartments.
ToughTurfSocal is the leading landscape architects in landscape design, outdoor kitchens design, and leading garden furniture. We will do the work in your yard in no time.

Landscaping and development – we do it all at ToughTurfSocal !

The Artificial Turf in Irvine is water-efficient and synthetic grass and gardening questions and gardening and maintenance we in the luxury gardens understand how expensive.

We provide high quality synthetic grass Installation anywhere in Los Angeles and Irvine , California. has been specializing in landscaping and development services from the design and planning stage/and to the actual implementation stage.

We believe that there are many good landscape designers but we know how to cope with the work from its perception on paper, to the actual execution stage.

Why should you do everything with one person ? – By doing so you can communicate and work with one person, where you can share your thoughts and ideas and we will give you the idea, in full cooperation against the various resellers, in front of the various suppliers we have been working for years and share with you the customer all the knowledge that we have gained with the years to fulfill your dream garden.


ToughTurfSocal Artificial Turf in Irvine consists of a group of skilled professionals in landscaping, Synthetic grass, and slim all of our professionals highly skilled and with rich knowledge of years of work, which pays us to put a very rigid emphasis on the quality of the work to the smallest level of detail.

25 years of experience our teams maintain level and quality without compromise.


Why Choose ToughTurfSocal ?

Artificial Turf in Irvine solves all the water problem in Irvine as we enter the age of acceleration, when the supply is large and there are many types in all levels and qualities.

We have put us in the goal of going on the highest quality synthetic grass with a product of artificial grass winning and with the world’s leading grass industry and the United States,

so we pride ourselves on presenting all the company’s approvals with full transparency with customers since the American company meets all requirements And devices.

High quality synthetic grass produced by us locally, which is one of the leading companies in the field and has been in the field for 27 years in the United States and the world’s most advanced technology.

In light of the green revolution and the global trend, we also think green and ecological and all the synthetic grass models in our records do not contain lead paints, lawns approved by world sports unions.


The production is done with the highest quality and the best materials, this means a high-quality synthetic grass, satisfaction and peace of mind for many years.

We bring the ultimate solution in broad vision for the future such as: high abrasion after a period of time the characteristic of most cheap synthetic grass types.

Fading of the fibers from the climate in Irvine. Reinvestment of purchasing new synthetic grass and installation. Lack of satisfaction from cheap synthetic grass due to a dropping of the fibers.

The appearance of plastic in the yard and lack of satisfaction due to a cheap investment. Which provide a professional and leading response in synthetic grass such as: synthetic grass.

Synthetic grass to tennis courts. Synthetic grass for grass golf courts and price comparison.

Synthetic grass to the football fields and more. The company is the official representative of the CHALLENGER and the world’s leading field of development.

The company’s production line comprises over 40 types of different synthetic grass.


Synthetic thin ?

Synthetic thin plates, From Ultrashield naturale do not require treatment on the surface such as a thin or pine-thin, and so on, the natural appearance of Otra that a child will make your guests feel that they are walking on a perfectly natural surface on the balcony, or in the garden, in your backyard or in the span of swimming pools.In addition, there are also many uses for synthetic thin, such as cladding walls, fences, and synthetic railings, the great advantage that does not require treatment and maintenance such as the tabae tree or any other tree.