In latest years the latest catch was our synthetic grass at ToughTurfSocal –  a place distinguished that replaces The natural grass in a better alternative .
Once you installed Synthetic grass in your yard, it saves your money on water and treatment of the grass . Do you want to know how to do This ?

The steps To install our ToughTurfSocal Synthetic grass :

  • Lawn Nails Also called ” galvanized pegs ” are 20 cm long iron nails and can be purchased in 5- pound packages .
  • Bedding / Somsum This is a bed made of shredded stones , the same clamps for a beautiful and uniform lawn surface , the bedding can be purchased in bales ( huge sacks ).
  • Jacka This is a ground- tightening device and can be rented at NIS 500-600 per working day .
  • Flrigg This is a black sheet that is placed between the soil and matzah and between matzah and grass, because this prevents weeds from entering the grass seams .
  • Stabilizers small U -shaped iron rods which are used to ” stabilize ” the flrigg as they infiltrate through the grass until they are grounded ( also used to fix drip pipes ) – come in 10- unit or 100- unit bags .
  • Synthetic grass adhesive a special adhesive for gluing between two sheets of grass and between grass and concrete surfaces – pay attention to the expiration date .
  • Grass adhesive sheets are made of polyester sheeting used for fast connection between two grass sheets
  • cleaning And preparing Area :
  • before That begin You The work , there is perform Cleaning of the surface On him you Installers You The grass The synthetic . The cleaning including Weeding Weeds And even Spray . to be late seven Until ten Days , you will pass Combine Next , come you Driven growth Returning of The weeds And the vegetation with the help of Discount of Sheet Flrig And its fixation with the help of Stabilizers .
  • above Sheet there is to spill Somsumi And for a minute with the help of clamp Land ( J. Becca).   It is important to put heart That lay Fastened consumption to be In height of Until Cm less Backed up The flooring Adjacent . And so Actually you Arrangements You the surface towards You have installed The grass and hence It is important is very to ensure There is none Dirt Needless same as Weeds or Stones .
  • whom Who is interested add Layer protection Another Lawn Synthetic , could to do this Through deployment Another of Sheet Flrig above The gravel .
  • deployment of The grass The synthetic And fixation :
  • And now , it’s come the time install You The grass Synthetic ! You The grass Slice so That the fibers of all surface Will in the same Because On portion create a Uniformity . With knife cut High quality Cut You Carpets The grass as per The need And fixers them with the help of Nails Grass , on My hands You stared In the grass within irritation On distance same of About 20-30 cm one From the other On portion The grass No Will rise From the ground .
  • To an extent And exist A number Sheets will be You connect them In a way Next : Fold A little You Edges The sheets In the area Connecting , after Then You Let Sheet contagion Lawn Dedicated between Both , smear Glue designated And assume Above them You The edges .
  • Combing Lawn
  • with the help of broom road or brush Tram , scanned You The grass Towards The opposite of The fiber. (action this Sentinel You fibrous The grass And ventilate them).
  • Leveling and leveling
  • If there is previous grass, the grass should be dried and removed (if possible). If there is no grass in the designated area, the area should be filled with soil, about 4-5 cm less than the final height. The soil should be tightened and aligned with a gradient in the right direction. If this is a new filling soil, make sure that every layer of soil is wetted and tightened. 30 cm fill, with no soil fall after winter. If there is an irrigation system in the lawn, we recommend that we leave it to wash or cool the lawn if necessary. If there is no irrigation system, there is no need to install one.
  • Insertion of bedding and tightening
  • On the straight and tamped soil, spread about 3 cm of mixed bedding in thin gravel and tighten with a small extruder or gas balloon.
  • Lawn layout and fixation
  • The lawn should be spread on the area we have prepared and adapted to the garden data: lawn shape, vegetation, flooring, etc. (Synthetic grass can be cut with a cutting knife, create angles, arches, etc.). The grass rolls come in two sizes 2m and 4m, if the width of the lawn is greater than these dimensions, we will adhere the grass sheets with special adhesive strips, when we precisely connect the adhesive and the synthetic grass surface will not be uniform. After deploying the grass and adjusting it to the ground, it is nailed to the ground with special nails. If we installed the grass on a hard surface such as concrete or a balcony, we will glue the grass to the surface with a special glue.
  • Scattering and brushing
  • After installing the synthetic grass, it will dissipate 2-3 cm of special silicate sand and brush with a special brush. Sand dispersion is essential to protect the lawn from sharp elements, such as chair legs, shoe heels, etc. Whatever the sand fixes Sheets the soil and maintains the upright leaves and stabilizes them.


now left to you only lie On The grass And rest !