Artificial Turf Installation Irvine requires experienced professionals. At you can rest assured of the best synthetic grass assembly.

Some will say that there is nothing like natural grass, alive and green. But among those, they would argue that high-quality synthetic grass installed at a high level is a worthwhile alternative.
One of the most important factors in lawn appearance is the form of artificial grass assembled, even the highest quality non-professional grass will not give the necessary result and even less quality artificial grass in professional installation will look better.

The Artificial Turf Installation in Irvine is a process that requires professional skill including surface preparation, proper surface leveling, bedding, lawn laying, accurate cutting, adhesion, one of the most important things in assembling the lawn is seam connections to each other that will look like one unit, this requires professional skill and final brushing.

Of the grass with a special brush. In addition to a special peeling machine for removing existing grass and arranging the area.

What is Artificial Turf and how to install it in Irvine California?

If you decided to install Artificial Turf in the garden first of all, do fieldwork and research on professional lawnmowers.

Establishment requires knowledge and experience and it is important that most professionals do.

You will be impressed by synthetic grass assemblies at a very high level of installation and you can be sure that we are the right choice for installation.

Artificial Turf has existed in the market for a very long time, but in recent years there has been tremendous development in the field and synthetic grass products today are quite different from the synthetic grass we were used to seeing a decade or more ago.

Artificial Turf gives us all the benefits of regular grass and brings us the disadvantages. Today everyone can enjoy synthetic grass, once we were worried it might not look real or it might take too much time and work. The technological development of synthetic grass has reached such a high level that the difference is small and almost indistinguishable. So much so that in quality grasses the difference is felt only in the contact here, in most cases, the synthetic grass is more pleasant to the touch, softer and does not cause any side effects (such as itching for example) as opposed to organic grass.

Preparing the soil for the Artificial Turf Installation

In the first stage we will reach you home and examine the soil on which the synthetic grass will grow, if weeds or organic grass have to be uprooted and then given the height of the grass we would like to install and create the desired soil height.

Subsequently, a delicate kurkar substrate that forms the basis of the synthetic grass is dispersed, this layer is particularly important for maintaining a uniform substrate for years and therefore is firmly clamped to the ground using various tools such as soil clamping.

In dispersing the bedding, women notice a gradient for street drainage or street drainage.  

At this point, a black cladding sheet (flrigg) is stretched to reduce the growth of herbs that may grow under the grass and then lay the grass.

The grass surfaces are very important to lay down uniformly and pay attention to the direction of the fibers, which will all be uniformly oriented.

After laying the grass, cut the edges with care not to cut the seam, the more straight and precise the cut will be so that we will see an invisible connection.

When we have finished fitting all the grass surfaces to the designated area we will lift the surfaces, apply a special glue on them and attach them to the ground, only after we have made sure that everything is properly and accurately fixed them with nails to the ground.

After several hours of drying, the lawn is ready to use.

Artificial Turf Installation Irvine – How to Strengthen After Assembly

When the lawn assembly process is over, a new process begins that includes maintenance appropriate to the selected synthetic grass types.

The maintenance of synthetic grass is easier and simpler than the maintenance of natural grass.

After installing the synthetic grass, the grass can be cleaned with a broom or vacuum cleaner, for a finer cleaning. It is important to make sure that this cleaning is done as gently as possible to prevent damage to the grass fibers.

The assembly of the synthetic turf allows you to maintain and use extremely easy and inexpensive. In the event that a drink is spilled on the grass, you can remove the stain created with water.

Note, when trying not to scorch the grass, the grass has flame retardant materials but there is still a chance of scorching and even if the grass is burned, burned or damaged it is always easy to repair by using the excess grass left in the installation so it is advisable to keep the same type of grass grass for repairs.