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Fake Grass Los Angeles | Tough Turf Socal
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20 Feb 2020

The complete guide to installing Artificial Turf Installation in Irvine.


Artificial Turf Installation is usually on a hard surface or on soil is an action you can order for a professional, or you can install Artificial Turf on your own.

If you decide to go (or tread …) on your own, you can use our Artificial Turf  Installation guide we bring here before you.

Follow these steps, and you will have Artificial Turf that your neighbors in Irvine will think is probably greener than his own.


Here are the steps for installing synthetic grass on soil:


  1. If weed or natural grass is present – spray the herbicide with herbicide and wait about 10 days.


  1. Lower the height of the soil by about 10-5 cm. The soil should be fastened 10-5 cm below the height of the lawn.


  1. Sprinkle with a special layer of synthetic grass on the ground. It is important to fill up to the desired height for the beginning of the synthetic lawn, but not less than 5 cm. Also, a small gradient of several degrees towards the exterior of the house, which will serve as a drainage slope should be created.


  1. Tighten the substrate firmly and apply a fleece or geotechnical fabric sheet. Now determine using a number of pegs.


  1. Lay the grass and spread it all over the area. Here too, like installing synthetic turf on a hard surface, if it is a number of synthetic turf carriers – put them all with the fibers facing in the same direction.


  1. Cutting a synthetic turf carpet with a Japanese knife. When connecting two synthetic lawns, make sure you cut cleanly so that it is not felt that it is a synthetic lawn surface made of different pieces.


  1. Paste Synthetic Grass Carpet Connections – Lift both sides of the grass and place on the hard surface made of PVC fabric. Now apply a uniform layer of glue on the PVC surfaces with a putty. Be careful not to apply too much glue, for fear it will rise and protrude on the grass.


  1. Now lower both sides of the seams on the glue and make sure you have a precise and beautiful connection. The paste is likely to harden within 15 minutes.
  2. Strengthen the seams with the pegs.


  1. Then, the fibers of the synthetic grass should be brushed with a road or mechanical broom.


  1. Now spread a silicate sand mixture, (sand blend specially adapted for synthetic grass installation ) evenly on the surface.


  1. The silicate must be swept against the fiber by a road sweeper.


  1. It is advisable to add rubber flakes that provide extra softness to the same synthetic grass laminate and improve fiber stability.


  1. The grass should be brushed counterclockwise again so that the rubber lips will fit well into the fibers.



Now everything is ready, lay on the lawn and rest – you’ve done it! You have installed synthetic grass on the ground on your own!

For more information on “Do It Yourself” Artificial Turf Installation Irvine – please visit our website : Https://ToughTurfSocal.com



20 Feb 2020

What is Artificial Turf and how to install it in Irvine California?

Artificial Turf Installation Irvine requires experienced professionals. At ToughTurfSocal.com you can rest assured of the best synthetic grass assembly.

Some will say that there is nothing like natural grass, alive and green. But among those, they would argue that high-quality synthetic grass installed at a high level is a worthwhile alternative.
One of the most important factors in lawn appearance is the form of artificial grass assembled, even the highest quality non-professional grass will not give the necessary result and even less quality artificial grass in professional installation will look better.

The Artificial Turf Installation in Irvine is a process that requires professional skill including surface preparation, proper surface leveling, bedding, lawn laying, accurate cutting, adhesion, one of the most important things in assembling the lawn is seam connections to each other that will look like one unit, this requires professional skill and final brushing.

Of the grass with a special brush. In addition to a special peeling machine for removing existing grass and arranging the area.

What is Artificial Turf and how to install it in Irvine California?

If you decided to install Artificial Turf in the garden first of all, do fieldwork and research on professional lawnmowers.

Establishment requires knowledge and experience and it is important that most professionals do.

You will be impressed by synthetic grass assemblies at a very high level of installation and you can be sure that we are the right choice for installation.

Artificial Turf has existed in the market for a very long time, but in recent years there has been tremendous development in the field and synthetic grass products today are quite different from the synthetic grass we were used to seeing a decade or more ago.

Artificial Turf gives us all the benefits of regular grass and brings us the disadvantages. Today everyone can enjoy synthetic grass, once we were worried it might not look real or it might take too much time and work. The technological development of synthetic grass has reached such a high level that the difference is small and almost indistinguishable. So much so that in quality grasses the difference is felt only in the contact here, in most cases, the synthetic grass is more pleasant to the touch, softer and does not cause any side effects (such as itching for example) as opposed to organic grass.

Preparing the soil for the Artificial Turf Installation

In the first stage we will reach you home and examine the soil on which the synthetic grass will grow, if weeds or organic grass have to be uprooted and then given the height of the grass we would like to install and create the desired soil height.

Subsequently, a delicate kurkar substrate that forms the basis of the synthetic grass is dispersed, this layer is particularly important for maintaining a uniform substrate for years and therefore is firmly clamped to the ground using various tools such as soil clamping.

In dispersing the bedding, women notice a gradient for street drainage or street drainage.  

At this point, a black cladding sheet (flrigg) is stretched to reduce the growth of herbs that may grow under the grass and then lay the grass.

The grass surfaces are very important to lay down uniformly and pay attention to the direction of the fibers, which will all be uniformly oriented.

After laying the grass, cut the edges with care not to cut the seam, the more straight and precise the cut will be so that we will see an invisible connection.

When we have finished fitting all the grass surfaces to the designated area we will lift the surfaces, apply a special glue on them and attach them to the ground, only after we have made sure that everything is properly and accurately fixed them with nails to the ground.

After several hours of drying, the lawn is ready to use.

Artificial Turf Installation Irvine – How to Strengthen After Assembly

When the lawn assembly process is over, a new process begins that includes maintenance appropriate to the selected synthetic grass types.

The maintenance of synthetic grass is easier and simpler than the maintenance of natural grass.

After installing the synthetic grass, the grass can be cleaned with a broom or vacuum cleaner, for a finer cleaning. It is important to make sure that this cleaning is done as gently as possible to prevent damage to the grass fibers.

The assembly of the synthetic turf allows you to maintain and use extremely easy and inexpensive. In the event that a drink is spilled on the grass, you can remove the stain created with water.

Note, when trying not to scorch the grass, the grass has flame retardant materials but there is still a chance of scorching and even if the grass is burned, burned or damaged it is always easy to repair by using the excess grass left in the installation so it is advisable to keep the same type of grass grass for repairs.




20 Feb 2020

Latest Tech synthetic grass at ToughTurfSocal

In latest years the latest catch was our synthetic grass at ToughTurfSocal –  a place distinguished that replaces The natural grass in a better alternative .
Once you installed Synthetic grass in your yard, it saves your money on water and treatment of the grass . Do you want to know how to do This ?

The steps To install our ToughTurfSocal Synthetic grass :

  • Lawn Nails Also called ” galvanized pegs ” are 20 cm long iron nails and can be purchased in 5- pound packages .
  • Bedding / Somsum This is a bed made of shredded stones , the same clamps for a beautiful and uniform lawn surface , the bedding can be purchased in bales ( huge sacks ).
  • Jacka This is a ground- tightening device and can be rented at NIS 500-600 per working day .
  • Flrigg This is a black sheet that is placed between the soil and matzah and between matzah and grass, because this prevents weeds from entering the grass seams .
  • Stabilizers small U -shaped iron rods which are used to ” stabilize ” the flrigg as they infiltrate through the grass until they are grounded ( also used to fix drip pipes ) – come in 10- unit or 100- unit bags .
  • Synthetic grass adhesive a special adhesive for gluing between two sheets of grass and between grass and concrete surfaces – pay attention to the expiration date .
  • Grass adhesive sheets are made of polyester sheeting used for fast connection between two grass sheets
  • cleaning And preparing Area :
  • before That begin You The work , there is perform Cleaning of the surface On him you Installers You The grass The synthetic . The cleaning including Weeding Weeds And even Spray . to be late seven Until ten Days , you will pass Combine Next , come you Driven growth Returning of The weeds And the vegetation with the help of Discount of Sheet Flrig And its fixation with the help of Stabilizers .
  • above Sheet there is to spill Somsumi And for a minute with the help of clamp Land ( J. Becca).   It is important to put heart That lay Fastened consumption to be In height of Until Cm less Backed up The flooring Adjacent . And so Actually you Arrangements You the surface towards You have installed The grass and hence It is important is very to ensure There is none Dirt Needless same as Weeds or Stones .
  • whom Who is interested add Layer protection Another Lawn Synthetic , could to do this Through deployment Another of Sheet Flrig above The gravel .
  • deployment of The grass The synthetic And fixation :
  • And now , it’s come the time install You The grass Synthetic ! You The grass Slice so That the fibers of all surface Will in the same Because On portion create a Uniformity . With knife cut High quality Cut You Carpets The grass as per The need And fixers them with the help of Nails Grass , on My hands You stared In the grass within irritation On distance same of About 20-30 cm one From the other On portion The grass No Will rise From the ground .
  • To an extent And exist A number Sheets will be You connect them In a way Next : Fold A little You Edges The sheets In the area Connecting , after Then You Let Sheet contagion Lawn Dedicated between Both , smear Glue designated And assume Above them You The edges .
  • Combing Lawn
  • with the help of broom road or brush Tram , scanned You The grass Towards The opposite of The fiber. (action this Sentinel You fibrous The grass And ventilate them).
  • Leveling and leveling
  • If there is previous grass, the grass should be dried and removed (if possible). If there is no grass in the designated area, the area should be filled with soil, about 4-5 cm less than the final height. The soil should be tightened and aligned with a gradient in the right direction. If this is a new filling soil, make sure that every layer of soil is wetted and tightened. 30 cm fill, with no soil fall after winter. If there is an irrigation system in the lawn, we recommend that we leave it to wash or cool the lawn if necessary. If there is no irrigation system, there is no need to install one.
  • Insertion of bedding and tightening
  • On the straight and tamped soil, spread about 3 cm of mixed bedding in thin gravel and tighten with a small extruder or gas balloon.
  • Lawn layout and fixation
  • The lawn should be spread on the area we have prepared and adapted to the garden data: lawn shape, vegetation, flooring, etc. (Synthetic grass can be cut with a cutting knife, create angles, arches, etc.). The grass rolls come in two sizes 2m and 4m, if the width of the lawn is greater than these dimensions, we will adhere the grass sheets with special adhesive strips, when we precisely connect the adhesive and the synthetic grass surface will not be uniform. After deploying the grass and adjusting it to the ground, it is nailed to the ground with special nails. If we installed the grass on a hard surface such as concrete or a balcony, we will glue the grass to the surface with a special glue.
  • Scattering and brushing
  • After installing the synthetic grass, it will dissipate 2-3 cm of special silicate sand and brush with a special brush. Sand dispersion is essential to protect the lawn from sharp elements, such as chair legs, shoe heels, etc. Whatever the sand fixes Sheets the soil and maintains the upright leaves and stabilizes them.


now left to you only lie On The grass And rest !


20 Feb 2020

Synthetic Turf Irvine

Synthetic Turf in Irvine can fit anywhere and make it green and much more invested.
Synthetic grass installation in Irvine can be done independently, but many prefer to contact the professionals.
If you are interested in incorporating synthetic turf installation by a professional you will be able to enjoy a fully customizable solution. So, why choose it and not try it alone? Here are some reasons:

Synthetic Turf installation in Irvine can be much faster and simpler

Installation of synthetic turf by a professional will be much faster.
While you are inexperienced in the field, and as talented as you may be, you are likely to get over it, a professional who specializes in this will save you quite a bit of time and install the synthetic lawn quickly.
Installing synthetic grass in this way will also allow you to enjoy a wonderful garden within a short period of time, whether it be summer or winter.

You don’t have to worry about talking to the installer when you work with Tough Turf Socal !

Want to install synthetic grass installation price and other parameters you can read on the various websites.

There you will also find information on all companies that specialize in installing synthetic turf. If you do it yourself, it will take quite some time, as mentioned.

Installing an expert will save you time and money. You do not have to worry about special equipment for installation.

The professional doing this will bring with you all the equipment and equipment you need, and you will not need to organize a group of friends to help you.

He’ll bring all the people he needs, or he’ll even do it himself.

Installing synthetic grass – a perfect fit for the area itself

With regard to the possibility of a synthetic turf installation by a specialist, specializing in this will also allow you to enjoy a fully customized solution,

taking into account the terrain conditions and their needs. The professional will also help you choose the type of grass that suits you and then make sure to install it in the best and most professional way.

Want to install synthetic grass? What are you waiting for? Contact us, go green, and we will do it for you and also offer you the most suitable lawn for your garden.

Contact us for more information

20 Feb 2020

Installing artificial turf los angeles

Installing artificial turf in los angeles is a complex matter and requires skill and professionalism. Professional installation of a company that gives manufacturer responsibility for lawn. Installing artificial turf in los angeles involves several steps:

  1. First, prepare the surface and make sure it is clean of grass or plants.In case the grass or plants are sprayed, wait for ten days before planting the synthetic grass and if any grass remains, it must be uprooted.The surface must be straight and uniform with no stones or rocks.
  2. The height of the ground should be about 5 cm lower than the height at which the grass is placed. Pay attention to drain openings and a drainage system can be installed under the grass.
  3. Fill the height with a kurkar stone foundation of 5-10 cm high and fasten. Slice the lawn and fix it with 20 cm galvanized nails.The grass is laid with its fibers all facing in the same direction.
  4. In the case of grassy sheets, glue them with special glue and tape. Be careful not to apply too much glue, which may then rise up between the fibers.In the case of grass with fill, add silicate sand and brush the fibers with a broom.

Installing artificial turf on a hard surface

Includes surface washing and use of lipid solvents. The adhesion should be straight while stretching to prevent gradients. Installing synthetic grass should be accurate otherwise the appearance of the grass will not be uniform and natural. Synthetic grass installation includes many materials as well as the knowledge of how to select and manage the materials properly.

If you already invest in quality grass you should pay for a professional installation and be with a quiet head that the grass came out properly. The responsibility associated with installing synthetic grass is extremely important and saves on expenses if needed. A reliable and professional company that performs synthetic turf in an excellent way is “Green Sports System Ltd.” This company imports high quality grass from the Netherlands by Edel Grass. The grass is dense and natural and is found in world famous sports fields.

“Green Sports” works with many business and private clients and performs synthetic turf installation in places such as:

  • Hotels
  • Gardens
  • Sports fields
  • Playgrounds
  • Public Buildings
  • Business Buildings
  • Private homes and more.

The company installs synthetic grass even in places where organic grass cannot grow. Its grass is durable for years and its soft and pleasant touch. The company provides a manufacturer’s warranty of between five and eight years.

View our projects, facts and product line : https://toughturfsocal.com


Synthetic grass installation will only be carried out by the authorized parties. Would you like to upgrade the look of the garden next to the house? The path leading to the residential building needs a refresh? Thanks to Green Sports System Ltd., your dream will come true. From importing and marketing the synthetic grass of Edel Grass to its professional installation, we offer advanced solutions for a variety of clients – both private and business.

Install artificial turf bedding on any surface in Los Angeles

Synthetic grass is an excellent solution for the Israeli climate, in which you ensure years of optimum grass appearance, grass that looks ideally adapted to its location, as if it is treated daily, as if it is at its peak in its life cycle, day by day. Synthetic grasses choose only after you fully understand the requirements of your garden, direct sun climate, topography, etc., and the functions that the garden play, whether it is a private garden, whether an ornamental garden or a sports garden, a public garden, for a children’s game or a garden terrace area In a building and the like, every function and space conditions has the ideal lawn for it.

When fitting grass for a garden, the type of grass needed to be considered, depending on the terrain conditions and the type of grass needed, varies according to the type of material of which the grass fibers, the width of each fiber, its height, the sunscreen, its density, and the substrate on it, the types vary and vary and affect the initial and final expenditure. The same thing about the fun of the lawn. One of the advantages of synthetic turf is this ability to suit almost any type of surface and any terrain conditions, and still get the optimum result of natural, high-quality grass touch and appearance.

Installing artificial turf on Los Angeles soil

Synthetic grass installation time is not long, but it contains accurate preparations and the need for professional knowledge and experience, the first step after understanding the location and functions of the garden is the soil preparation stage, if it is soil soil it must be exposed, straightened and bounded in order to prepare the surface for placing the grass. These steps are essential so that the substrate that holds the synthetic turf does not slide beyond its intended area. After that, levels and clamps using thin gravel laying, thus producing the second base before laying the carpets, laying on the second base a watery and airy infiltration that prevents soil growth from repelling or producing waves in the synthetic lawn, and then comes the third stage of laying the lawns.

Synthetic grass carpets are harmoniously and uniformly positioned to eliminate spacing and irregular orientation, and plan so that the number of seams is as low as possible.

Then, paste the carpets using PVC. Next, brush the lawn and fix it with hidden pegs at the connection points, thus standing in front of your eyes a uniform, green, and healthy-looking lawn. The installation is short but requires precise and experienced execution, so it is always advisable to choose a long-standing company with a reputation for working under different and demanding conditions and creating a complete response to a well-groomed and inviting garden.

Synthetic grass installation: in the hands of the experts

The kids enjoy playing football on the field? Interested in hosting relatives and friends in the yard? To make these experiences particularly enjoyable, we recommend installing synthetic grass. Synthetic grass has many advantages over natural grass: from convenient and efficient maintenance to aesthetically pleasing and spectacular, there is no doubt that synthetic grass installation is the right choice for you.

To properly install the synthetic lawn, contact the most reliable and efficient professionals. To do this, you will need to contact the surrounding area: whether they are friends or relatives, if you know they have installed synthetic grass – contact them and ask for their recommendations.

After initial filtering, contact company representatives. During the initial consultation, you will need to discuss several important points:

  • What is the experience and training that the staff has?
  • How will these professionals perform the installation?
  • What are the materials costs and installation work?

Alongside these important points, it is also important to discuss the level of grass density, what height you want it to rise and what shade it should be. So, make sure the yard or soccer field is green, lush and fresh throughout the year.

The neighbors’ lawn

The neighbor’s lawn is green? Yours can be much greener. All you have to do is contact Green Sports System Ltd. The team of experts we employ will install synthetic grass in your favorite shade as well as your preferred density and concentrations. Feel free to contact us as soon as possible.

Synthetic grass installation

Looking for Google: Synthetic Grass Installation? The search will be performed according to a number of main parameters: from the height of the grass, its level of density and the height to which you want the grass to rise. In line with these and other aspects, the Green Sports System Ltd. expert team will be happy to install the lawn. Whether it is a home or other area in need of upgrading, you are welcome to contact us and receive comprehensive and professional advice.

Synthetic Lawn Installation: Comprehensive Information

The neighbor’s lawn may be greener, but you can also bring the shine back to your garden! Unlike natural grass, installing synthetic grass is a highly aesthetic and recommended solution. Starting with comfortable and efficient maintenance and care, creating a healthy and impressive garden look, along with other economic considerations – don’t wait a minute: Get interested in synthetic grass today!

Installing synthetic grass is intriguing to you? Before you collaborate with the relevant parties, you have to ask yourself some important questions:

  1. Grass Shade – We all know that grass is green.However, many of us are unaware that the grass comes in a variety of dark and bright shades.To refresh the yard near the house, you must, first, choose your favorite shade of grass.At the same time, it is also important to consider the additional vegetation in the yard.So, the lawn blends well with the extra colors – and will impress your guests.
  2. Density of grass – Please note that the higher the density of grass fibers, the more impressive the appearance of the lawn.In addition, the abrasion resistance of grass is significant as well.
  3. The Synthetic Grass Model – At the companies that import the synthetic grass, you can find a wide variety of models: whether it is Caesar synthetic grass or other models, all you have left is your choice.

Synthetic Lawn Installation: Creating impressive green spaces

In accordance with this important information, you can contact our team at ToughTurfSocal.com

20 Jan 2020

Artificial Turf Installation– what are your options in Irvine , CA ?

Artificial Turf Installation– what are your options in Irvine , CA ?

Installation is simple but what models do you want to fit your home ?
The original and leading models can be found: Napoleon, and “Caesar top” registered in the Registrar of Commercial names, developed in modern technology, with the finest raw materials, UV solar radiation, environmentally friendly and human environment, and do not contain heavy metals.

Simply Green provides and installs synthetic grass to the sport industry in the custom options tailored for each type of sport required and includes plots in one star FIFA and FIFA star 2.
In recent years the garden and terrace have become an integral part of the home décor. The synthetic grass occupies a considerable part in the design of the garden, thanks to its many advantages such as: water saving, comfort, beauty, cleanliness, avoiding pests, domestic animal-friendly and does not require maintenance, and does not require the use of pesticides and pollutants. Synthetic grass can be installed anywhere – in the garden of the house, on the terrace, on rooftops, plazas, sports fields, playgrounds,


Artificial Turf Installation – what are the benefits and when it is recommended to install ?

If you think that synthetic grass is an invention of the 21st century that is designed to help us cope with the environmental implications of the water shortage, you have been wrong. The synthetic grass is accompanied by us since the 60 of the 20th century, when it was used as a substitute for natural grass that, in the absence of sunlight enough, could not grow on the American baseball fields.

So what’s a synthetic grass anyway? These are artificial lawns that look just like natural grass. These surfaces are made of very high-density plastic wires, arranged side by side as a rug. Today, all the synthetic lawns in Israel must have a standard character and must be installed by specialists.

Synthetic grass is suitable for everyone and everywhere and can be found in many places, ranging from private residential gardens to the largest football fields, and, as well, is not affected by environmental conditions, even the most extreme, and durable in any situation. It is convenient for yeshiva, flexible and repetitive even after prolonged use or heavy weight. Despite the expensive initial investment, the value pays for the long haul and returns in about three years, and from there it is a real monetary savings. 

Types of synthetic grass

There are many types of synthetic grass, distinguished from each other in materials, altitudes, texture, color and more. The highest quality models are those made of polyethylene (plastic fibers), resistant to UV radiation. It is advisable to verify with the installers that the anti-radiation material is already in the fibers and not sprayed on them. Polyethylene also meets the environment standards, does not emit toxins to the environment, resistant to any weather and maintains constant vitality.

The first metric we examine in the synthetic grass is the length. Here are three types:

Low Synthetic Grass – grass with a straight and long fiber (up to 20 mm), containing curly fibers arranged in rows, which creates softness and proximity. This grass looks like natural grass and even resembles it in the texture, but on the other hand, it is less durable for frequent use, so the cost is lower and ranges from 19-40 shekels.

Medium Synthetic Grass – a straight fiber grass that reaches the length of up to 40 mm. Its fibers are wavy and soft-textured and delicate. This grass also looks like natural grass, it is resistant to prolonged uses and cost is relatively expensive, between 50-85 NIS per m.

High Synthetic Grass – Rolls Royce of the synthetic lawns. With a straight fiber of up to 60 mm, durable and high quality over time. Its cost is between 65-140 NIS per m.

But the lawn is not the only measure. Another important indicator is the density of fibers – the more dense the grass, the more durable and the more natural it looks. The density is measured in the number of stitches to the M. High density will move between 160-200 stitches and can be measured in weight loss, which should be between 2-3 kg and m. The density is also the one that affects the price of the synthetic grass, and according to which lawns of the same type (short, medium, or long) , Whose cost ranges from dozens of shekels to hundreds of dollars per m.

Artificial Turf Installation Irvine
Beyond beauty, living and vitality of the synthetic grass, it is also endowed with many other benefits that have been made so popular.

  • Has a low maintenance level, compared to the natural grass.
  • Is a heavy use, as in sporting events.
  • Is not a focal point for insects and pests because it is made of synthetic substances only. In this way, we will be able to use pesticides, fertilization or other treatment, and we can be quiet that the grass is safe and safety for any action.
  • Relatively low-capacity, resistant to solar radiation and lasts a lot longer than regular grass (between 15-20 years). It maintains a constant clean and fresh look and does not make it in summer.
  • There is no need for irrigation or pruning, which makes the synthetic lawn an ideal solution for warm areas and a bucket of resources such as the State of Israel. The same is the case of time, resources and expenses, and in addition, an aesthetic, green and economical alternative is accepted.
  • It is not necessary to have great sunlight to grow, so it is used in partially or fully covered stadiums.
  • Recyclable, since the material from which it is made (LDPE), is known as environmentally friendly.
  • Does not mess up and does not perceive odors. Therefore, it will not attract the pets to do their needs or to dig holes in it. It also does not constitute a tumor for ants, fleas or other parasites that can infect you and your pets and are not allergic.

On a variety of advantages, the synthetic grass also has disadvantages: it has a limited amount of life, periodic cleaning requirements, used in oil, and since it is a plastic product, it is also warming up.

Who should you hire for Artificial Turf Installation Irvine ?

If you don’t have time or patience to take care of the garden, if you move and you want a well-groomed look, if you live in a particularly hot area where the sun is blazing without a uterus above your head, or even if you just feel green in your eyes, a synthetic grass is the solution for you.

Synthetic grass is designed for a wide variety of purposes, each of which has its own needs and uses. For example, on the playground we recommend that you install a strong, dense grass that will be resistant to multiple erosion. In the ornamental corners, however, there is no need to invest in the most expensive and top-quality lawns. As we have said, every purpose and the lawn is dedicated to it.

A number of important rules in the acquisition of synthetic Grass:

Be sure to take full responsibility for the grass. In addition, when purchasing the deposits, make sure that it has an infrastructure for drainage and that its installation will be made in a light slope so that the drainage process is quicker.

To maintain a clean, green, and well-groomed grass, water must be splashed in the pipe periodically, thereby removing dust and debris from it. You can also use a special broom, a leaves, a vacuum, or a bellows (in this case, pay attention to the urban auxiliary laws and bellows operating hours. Each local authority applies various prohibitions on the use of air-blowers).

And most importantly, enjoy it and take advantage of it well.



20 Dec 2019

Artificial Grass Installation of high quality synthetic grass surfaces and gardens

Tough Turf Socal – Artificial Grass Installation of high quality synthetic grass surfaces and gardens

Have you wondered how Artificial Grass is installed? It’s very nice to meet you – https://ToughTurfSocal.com is the professional and leading company in its field to establish soccer fields and synthetic lawn complexes.

Our company has an advanced equipment array for the installation and maintenance of synthetic grass fields, Customer service and professionalism are the company’s scope page and accompany it throughout its years.

Please contact us at any time for advice and guidance on our website : https://toughturfsocal.com

Installation and maintenance of Artificial grass

In recent years, the acceleration of the use of synthetic grass has been increasing throughout Irvine & Los Angeles. Every other house interested in covering his house chooses artificial grass and its qualities.

So how do you install synthetic grass and how do we know which grass to put? What are the differences between different types of synthetic grass? Is one kind better than the other?

There is a shortage of information on synthetic grass recommended and we want you to make the best choice about the type of lawn you choose.

We have therefore assembled all the information you need to know about synthetic grass so that you can learn everything you need on this grass and its pros and cons.

We will do everything you can to know how to buy the lawn and of course make the smartest buying when we talk about this kind of grass.

What is Artificial grass?

The days we went as sheep after the herd and bought what everyone buys, we are now thinking outside the box and doing what is best for us and what is best for us.

In the area of the garden, this fact is true and so was born into the synthetic grass world. This grass is very useful to us and it is an artificial product that holds enormous advantages over which we will expand our speech.

This grass is manufactured by the most advanced factories, which have done everything to see what is right for you in the garden of the house and what will serve you best.

So the grass meets the best standards and ensures that we will get high quality without compromises.

Those who have not tried high-quality synthetic grass do not know how pleasant and comfortable it is to use, and to some notable advantages of not being edited in front of other lawns and it is important to remember.

Why put Artificial grass in your house?

So what’s so good about this grass? What makes him special in front of the usual grass? The first maintenance of all types of synthetic grass is much simpler than the maintenance of regular grass. We don’t have to chop him up all the time, we don’t have to go to the ground to plant a new grass, and then Kahana and Kahane are the things that are being used to us thanks to the fact that it’s artificial grass. This is a huge advantage of artificial grass and we need to be aware of it when we use it. But this does not end the advantage of artificial grass and is manifested in the fact that artificial grass does not have insects. Insects can be hit and annoy us very much until we don’t want to sit on the regular lawn. But in artificial grass, insects are made out of us and we don’t have to worry about them creating any problems and that we must remember.

What other advantages do Artificial grass have?

We have seen enough advantages that the installation of artificial grass that will run out we put it in our house, but the artificial grass has additional benefits that make it so high quality grass. First and foremost we need to remember that quality synthetic grass never really sticks and it always stays green even in the high summer. It is a huge advantage that ensures that our garden will always be beautiful and special. Another advantage to the installation of artificial grass is the fact that it is pleasant to the touch and it is fun to sit on it with joy and pleasure. Not only that, but artificial grass lasts for a relatively long period of time in what is a clear advantage in the face of ordinary grass. So we don’t have to change the lawn every time and it’s also a considerable monetary savings because we buy once the lawn installs it for many years we don’t need to make further purchase of the lawn. So we are sure that we do not pay on the grass any further addition.

Artificial Grass – water saving

But that does not end the benefits of artificial grass, the greatest advantage of installing this synthetic grass is the fact that we should not water it in water.

Water prices in Irvine & Los Angeles have been up to play in recent years and the lawn maintenance requiring irrigation brings considerable financial expenses. In order to avoid this problem, you can use artificial grass that holds enormous benefits against the usual grass. The fact that you should not water the artificial grass ensures that we will save both a lot of money and a little headache of activating the sprinklers for irrigation every day in the summer. So we guarantee that we can sit on the artificial grass and enjoy considerable enjoyment without paying extra price for the water required to operate the artificial grass.

What types of Artificial grass are there?

So what types of synthetic grass can be installed in the garden? What are the differences between them and how do we know which one to buy? The following are the details of the different types:

Napoleon Grass – This is a very pleasant grassy grass that has become widespread in Irvine. It is an excellent grass that comes in colors of green, and yellow green that gives it a look of real grass. There is no doubt that Napoleon’s grass is highly recommended for every home and can provide you with great work.

Grass Commando – This is a relatively high-density lawn that guarantees a particularly pleasant feeling when you touch it. Like the Napoleon grass also it comes in different colors of green and yellow that give a feeling as if it were real grass. When you’re on a grass, it’s unlikely you won’t know whether or not it’s real grass.

Grass Wembley – This is a lawn of an Irvine company that seems very close to real grass and holds enormous benefits. The grass is pleasant to touch and cost as reasonable as it is to buy it. With this grassy area you can enjoy sitting out in a huge enjoyment along with the children.

There are many other types of synthetic lawns in Irvine, but these are the main ones. When you’re going to buy a synthetic grass, ask for more information in the store where you buy to buy the most high-quality grass.

How does the price of the Artificial grass be determined?

A recommended synthetic grass price can range from dozens of dollars to hundreds of dollars and we need to be aware of it.

There is a difference between the price of a synthetic grass that is recommended for short, medium and high lengths.

The length of the grass affects the price of the grass and we need to think about it when we buy and choose an artificial grass type.

Additional parameters affecting the price of the synthetic grass are the density of the carpet and its weight.

The bigger the more the more the charge, the higher the payment. Decide what lawn you are interested in to buy the lawn that best suits you and serve you best.

How do you install Artificial grass? Importance of installing synthetic grass by a high quality company

One of the most important things when installing high-quality synthetic grass is its installation by a qualitative company. The more quality the company from which you install the lawn, the better it is for you to be sure that its use is better. Note that you should not settle for the quality of the synthetic grass installation, because it means so much for your enjoyment of the grass and how happy you can sit on it. The better you choose the company, the better your lawn will be and you’ll be sure you can sit on it more safely. This is a very meaningful thing you should think about and act accordingly. Choose a good quality company to ensure that you enjoy the highest level of high quality grass.


20 Nov 2019

Why Choose ToughTurfSocal ?

ToughTurfSocal.com provides high quality Artificial Turf in Irvine, gardening and development services for a wide range of customers for more than 25 years.
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We provide high quality synthetic grass Installation anywhere in Los Angeles and Irvine , California.


ToughTurfSocal.com has been specializing in landscaping and development services from the design and planning stage/and to the actual implementation stage.

We believe that there are many good landscape designers but we know how to cope with the work from its perception on paper, to the actual execution stage.

Why should you do everything with one person ? – By doing so you can communicate and work with one person, where you can share your thoughts and ideas and we will give you the idea, in full cooperation against the various resellers, in front of the various suppliers we have been working for years and share with you the customer all the knowledge that we have gained with the years to fulfill your dream garden.


ToughTurfSocal Artificial Turf in Irvine consists of a group of skilled professionals in landscaping, Synthetic grass, and slim all of our professionals highly skilled and with rich knowledge of years of work, which pays us to put a very rigid emphasis on the quality of the work to the smallest level of detail.

25 years of experience our teams maintain level and quality without compromise.


Why Choose ToughTurfSocal ?

Artificial Turf in Irvine solves all the water problem in Irvine as we enter the age of acceleration, when the supply is large and there are many types in all levels and qualities.

We have put us in the goal of going on the highest quality synthetic grass with a product of artificial grass winning and with the world’s leading grass industry and the United States,

so we pride ourselves on presenting all the company’s approvals with full transparency with customers since the American company meets all requirements And devices.

High quality synthetic grass produced by us locally, which is one of the leading companies in the field and has been in the field for 27 years in the United States and the world’s most advanced technology.

In light of the green revolution and the global trend, we also think green and ecological and all the synthetic grass models in our records do not contain lead paints, lawns approved by world sports unions.


The production is done with the highest quality and the best materials, this means a high-quality synthetic grass, satisfaction and peace of mind for many years.

We bring the ultimate solution in broad vision for the future such as: high abrasion after a period of time the characteristic of most cheap synthetic grass types.

Fading of the fibers from the climate in Irvine. Reinvestment of purchasing new synthetic grass and installation. Lack of satisfaction from cheap synthetic grass due to a dropping of the fibers.

The appearance of plastic in the yard and lack of satisfaction due to a cheap investment. Which provide a professional and leading response in synthetic grass such as: synthetic grass.

Synthetic grass to tennis courts. Synthetic grass for grass golf courts and price comparison.

Synthetic grass to the football fields and more. The company is the official representative of the CHALLENGER and the world’s leading field of development.

The company’s production line comprises over 40 types of different synthetic grass.


Synthetic thin ?

Synthetic thin plates, From Ultrashield naturale do not require treatment on the surface such as a thin or pine-thin, and so on, the natural appearance of Otra that a child will make your guests feel that they are walking on a perfectly natural surface on the balcony, or in the garden, in your backyard or in the span of swimming pools.In addition, there are also many uses for synthetic thin, such as cladding walls, fences, and synthetic railings, the great advantage that does not require treatment and maintenance such as the tabae tree or any other tree.







20 Oct 2019

How do you choose a Synthetic Turf in Los Angeles

We at ToughTurfSocal.com have assembled everything you need to know, in order to make the transition to the green tarp-what is high quality Synthetic Turf in Los Angeles.

How do you choose a Synthetic Turf in Los Angeles , from many of the existing models?
What to look for in the product and how to adapt it to your garden?
What does setup entail and how to make sure you get a high-quality installation? We’ve collected all the answers you need.

So what’s a Synthetic Turf in Los Angeles, actually?

Without getting you in the complex technical details, we are talking about a product of the plastics family, based on fibers made of advanced nylon types. The raw material from which these fibers are made is built so that it can simulate real grass in the feeling of touch on the body (how much we love this feeling, of fresh grass under our feet, eh?) and in its appearance, but it has different advantages that are connected with its resistance, which will explain all of them.

What is important that you know at this point is that you can relax! If the synthetic grass of the beginning of the industry has indeed passed a difficult feeling of synthetic and artificial, the day after jumping through technologies in the production methods in recent years, you will also find a lawn that hold your eyes completely, and you will never guess it came into the box.

Why Synthetic Turf in Los Angeles – all pros and cons

Okay, let’s start with the festivities. Because they are few. You would expect the first drawback to be, well, synthetic. The fact that there is nothing like the real thing. But as we have said, today with the level of products there is in the market, this is mainly a nostalgic dimension and you are really invited to keep the grass growing in a warm place in the heart, but in practice? If you take care of a high-quality, professional lawn, there is no reason to notice artifice, or if it will disturb you.

The second downside that may be to the synthetic grass is the price. Let’s say you have to shave your wallet a nice heap of shekels, especially if you have a nice area. But-as we have said, given the maintenance and water costs that produce a natural garden, it seems that after a few years, you have already lost your expenses in the costs you have spared.

How am I supposed to combine Synthetic Turf in Los Angeles with my home and garden environment?

Don’t worry. First of all, it is possible to combine synthetic grass along with natural grass and those who choose it usually place synthetic grass in the margin of space or in corners that do not use them, while in the main strip where the natural grass leaves.

This is how to reduce water costs and still leave a natural grassy patch. But as a rule, it is important to know that you can combine synthetic grass with almost all of your external space data. If you have trees in the garden, you can put the grass around them, without harming them. Many combine synthetic grass, with the amount of thin around the garden. The lawn can also be integrated with an existing pool. There is really no end to the variety of options for using this product.

I don’t know about the neighbor-but I want the best grass!

So as in all kinds of project you’re preparing for a significant purchase of a new product you don’t know much about, you’re probably waiting for your homework. “Give me the parameters-what should I see if I want to get out of this story with a quality and worthwhile product?” That’s exactly why we’re here. Get a list of subjects for thought.

The parameters by which you choose a good synthetic grass

Color -as far as the grass has chosen more hues, it looks more authentic and essentially simulates the reality of natural grass colors. Darker grass may be problematic because the color has been destroyed in the sun over the years. As a rule, in Israel, with its unforgiving sun, most consumers prefer the lawns with lighter hues.

The length of fibers and density -These two elements have accepted ranges in the market. Recommended fibers length is within a range of 38-44 mm. You should take into account that too short a grass will look unnatural and artificial. On the other hand, long fibers find it difficult to maintain their validity over time, so it is advisable to choose something in these ranges, and of course the expected use.

In terms of congestion, our finger rule is that the better. High fiber density means greater durability. The common model in the market comes in durability of 16,800 fibers, as an example. But there are also models coming to 19,000.

Texture -there are softer, more pleasant carpets that really do have a real lawn, and there’s more rigid. It all depends on your preferences and the purpose of the product. In these matters, there is nothing better than showing eyes and feeling of feet.

Quality and safety -Check that the Israeli Standards Institute is approved. Check that the grass does not contain cadmium and lead and is clean of toxins. There are many low-level products in the market, which come from mass production abroad, especially in China. Usually, those offered at very cheap prices belong to this group. It is a good idea to be careful and make efforts to examine the quality and safety of these products. It is also advisable to check for protection from UV radiation to the product, which contribute to the durability of the sun.

20 Sep 2019

Which artificial grass in Irvine should you choose – tips for choosing the right one


artificial grass in Irvine is a great substitute for natural grass and not to be preferred by many.

There are several recommended synthetic grass types that are currently on sale, making the choice a real challenge.

If you are wondering which synthetic grass is recommended for your yard and do not know what to choose, here are some tips you can use:

Looking for recommended ?

We looked at its fiber density. The fiber density is the one that affects both the level of the grass’s durability and its appearance.

The higher the fiber density, the longer it will be durable and also look more natural compared to synthetic grass with less dense fibers.

When considering synthetic grass types today, we see that the average density is 16,800 fibers per 1 square meter.

When you check which synthetic grass is recommended, you should also consider the height of the grass fibers. Generally, it is recommended to look for synthetic grass when its fiber height is relatively low.

This is how it will look neat, well-groomed and mowed. Those who prefer the more natural look, the wild look, can find relatively high-fiber synthetic grass sheets.

Usually, the height of the fiber starts at 25 square meters and up to 40 square meters.

The weight of grass sheets is another parameter that should be taken into consideration when considering recommended synthetic grass types.

The higher the fiber, the higher the quality of the grass. The amount is reflected in the weight of the sheets.

The higher the weight of the grass, the more fiber and the grass you offer is very high quality.

It is worth comparing different types of synthetic grass with reference to the weight of the existing sheets and gap. It is very important to ensure that you receive a warranty when you purchase, for at least 5 years. You will receive the warranty from where you purchased the lawn from the company that manufactures it.

Looking for recommended synthetic grass? With us, simply green, you will find a selection of synthetic grass types, high quality types offered to you at a wide range of prices. Have a question and you decide which type to choose?

Contact us through the website

If you are looking for recommended synthetic grass then you’ve come to the right place! Permanent grass imports high quality synthetic grass from 2000 and is one of the founders of the synthetic grass industry in Israel.

Before we recommend synthetic grass we need to know where the synthetic grass will be installed and what its main use will be.

There are now a wide variety of synthetic grass models designed for every purpose and purpose: sports fields, private gardens, balconies, public areas, businesses and more…

artificial grass types we recommended

The denser the synthetic grass fibers, the more resistant to abrasion. If the synthetic lawn is installed in a garden or balcony where the use is average then you can choose our synthetic lawn series in the Classic category.

The Classic Series is designed for average home use and has a large selection of high quality synthetic turf models.

Most recommended synthetic grass – for play and kids

Synthetic grass installed in play areas must have a particularly high fiber density – in order not to be easily eroded. In playgrounds, gardens and balconies where children play extensively on synthetic grass. It is recommended to choose strong, dense grass that will withstand the erosion load for years.

The Extreme Series is designed for play areas and areas that are widely used.