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Fake Grass Los Angeles | Tough Turf Socal - Part 2
Artificial Grass Sales & Installation Los Angeles
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28 Aug 2019

To Turf or not to Turf

Yard care is a big consideration when remodeling or purchasing a home. Real grass is high maintenance. A water hog, and expensive to replace every 5 to 8 years.
Artificial grass / Turf may be a good alternative for some households.

Here are some of the pros and cons of turf:

PRO: No maintenance.

Artificial grass does not require mowing, edging, seeding or watering. Once you lay it down, you’re done.


CON: Initial expense. Turf prices range from $8 to $14 per square foot.
You can find some sales and deals but keep in mind that you get what you pay for.
Make sure you choose a licensed turf installer. Manufactures do not warranty a turf installation when installed by your neighborhood gardener.

PRO: Long-term durability. The life expectancy of artificial turf can be upwards of 25 years.
Making it a less costly alternative to real grass over its life.


CON: It might be against the rules.

If you live in a community with a Homeowner’s Association (HOA), be sure to get permission first.

Turf is becoming more and more common, which is convincing more HOAs to approve its use, but check first.

You don’t want to make a big investment in turf only to be told you have to rip it all out and replace it with grass.


PRO: It’s eco-friendly.

The water saving element is huge if you’re looking to save water and live a little greener.

Most of the manufactures even use recycled materials, such as old tires or plastic bottles in making the turf.


CON: It’s not biodegradable.

Artificial grass will end up in a landfill some day.


PRO: It’s pet-friendly.

The good news is that pet waste won’t negatively impact your artificial grass, and turf is easy to clean.

Say good bye to those ugly yellow burn spots caused by dog urine.

It is also very important to note, turf must be washed where your dogs leave their mess.
Some turf companies also give a once a year cleaning, wash and deodorize program for a small fee.
There are also specific turf types that are made for dog kennels and dog runs.


CON: It’s hot.

Real grass has a cooling effect when the air temperature is high.

Artificial grass lacks his cooling quality. The grass itself may become hotter than the air and can make the surrounding air feel hotter.


PRO: It looks good all year round.

If you live in an area where the lawn is dormant in the winter, it will be a a nice change to see your lush, green (faux) lawn, even in negative temps or drought situations.

28 Aug 2019

Artificial turf in Irvine or, more commonly named, synthetic grass is a quality solution for private gardens.

The high standards set by the nuclear company place it as a leader in the industry and enable it to provide its customers with high quality, durable artificial grass over time.

Artificial shawl from a good house – Tough Turf Socal !

Artificial grass was previously linked to large lawns and public places and today is already taking up a respectable place in the private space. The Nuclear PRO GRASS synthetic lawn family is manufactured by the world’s No. 2 manufacturer, a sole manufacturer in China that manufactures lawns that meet the most stringent FIFA 2 STAR requirements and standards.

The Nuclear Company sets high standards tailored to Israeli consumer and climate requirements in Israel. Green thought and the environment are at the forefront of the company’s business and the products we provide match your demand. Lawns are made from the highest quality materials that do not contain heavy metals (most important in a children’s environment).

Good luck, a fifth model was added to the Tough Turf Socal family – A variety of artificial turf models available at the Nuclear Branches were added, a new one – the 2-tinted ” Tough Turf Socal” model (soon to be available at the chain’s branches).

Tough Turf Socal Artificial turf is an artificial grass with thin fibers + curled fibers that compare to its natural appearance. ” Tough Turf Socal” grass is characterized by a very dense grass with a soft, pleasant texture to the touch.

And some details about the unique Artificial turf in Irvine

  • Synthetic grass is suitable for private gardens, roof gardens, balconies, kindergartens and more
  • The grass fiber height is 35 mm,
  • Overall height of carpet and sheeting is 37 mm
  • The carpet is made from the bottom of a green-colored latex sheet to lower temperature
  • 3/8 stitch interval, 200 stitches per runner
  • Cylinder width 2-4 meters
  • Lawn is sold with 6 years warranty in accordance with company regulations.


The entire Artificial turf in Irvine family marketed by Tough Turf Socal company all over the country is manufactured with the highest quality and technology in the world.

Tough Turf Socal model grass is a unique patented “Smart Fiber” model.

The popular model found in stores and highly sought after by our customers is the “Savion” synthetic grass.

The uniqueness of the “Savion” artificial grass has already been discovered by many satisfied customers who bought and installed in the garden: an ultra-thin support fiber is built inside the synthetic grass fibers.

This fiber supports and aligns the grass fibers, giving the grass a natural and beautiful appearance even after multiple treading. The Nuclear Company gives 6 years of warranty to Tough Turf Socal model in accordance with the company’s by law.


And finally – a recommendation for those who are debating, choosing and buying artificial turf in Irvine – before buying synthetic turf in particular – and multi-year warranty products in general, it is vitally important to purchase such products from a reputable, well-established and knowledgeable veteran who is truly capable of giving back and responsibility over years, and not disappearing from the market after a short period.

28 Aug 2019

With Tough Turf Socal in Irvine the height of our Synthetic Turf does not really decide the quality

Let us explain.

Our assumption that density and over-height synthetic grass is the highest quality grass is the wrong assumption.

Manufacturers of synthetic grass in the world are making great efforts to develop a product that is closest to nature.

Tough Turf Socal in Irvine is considered to be a leader in grass production and the Israeli Carmel Flor Design Company, are the companies that develop and produce synthetic grass in recent years. We have invested in developing products characterized by advanced technology and high technical standards.

Tough Turf Socal has grown to be the #1 Lawn Maker in Irvine which has tested numerous natural grass types and performed density and fiber level tests that characterize living grass in its natural state. This move “gave birth” to 2 “babies” who brought a new line to the market: grasses with an unusual natural appearance that are very close to “living” natural grass.

We have brought a revolutionary line to shake the lawn industry in the country. In order to achieve the current development, it was necessary to purchase a state-of-the-art machine that would allow us to achieve the highest level of Synthetic Turf Irvine production with optimum density and fiber height. In addition, innovative development with zig-zag weaving and the use of natural shades that simulate the appearance of natural grass make the product a coveted product with a great advantage over the lawns produced in the US.


As mentioned, the synthetic turf industry has improved greatly over the years. The grass is made of plastic types such as polypropylene or polyethylene together with nylon and latex. The latex adheres to the bottom of the grass surface and holds the plastic fibers. The refinement in the plastic industry has meant that over the years the grass has become softer, more durable and of a color similar to the natural color. The more densely woven the fiber, the more comfortable and durable the grass will be. You can choose from several types of grass: low – fiber with length up to 20 mm, fading of the color of the grass.

For different heights of grass, usually the higher the more expensive it is, this is a personal matter related to both budget and design preference. When choosing the grass, it is worth choosing according to the length of the fiber. Another important parameter is fiber density. Another parameter is anti-UV supplements. It is important to have U.V protection to prevent lawn color.

Synthetic Turf in Irvine, especially if you have children, is an important part of the garden. It is important to note that it is important to buy a lawn with a Standards Institution approval, nevertheless, the lawn is used by children and babies for play and sometimes touches the lawn with their hands and then puts their hands in it, so it is very important to make sure there are no toxic materials in the lawn.

In other synthetic products, when the product is quality and made right we get the feeling that we have the real thing, only without the disadvantages of the real thing. Real grass is disappearing from the world, at least from private homes and certainly in Israel. This is rightly done. Real grass swallows vast amounts of water. In addition, real grass is a plant, and just like any other plant we grow in potted plants and occasionally get diseases, pests and more, so does real grass. Synthetic Turf Irvine saves us all the same worries. Our Synthetic Turf in Irvine is made entirely of synthetic material that does not require water or sunlight, its taste is not palatable to any creature and for us it provides the green look and the soft and pleasant surface. If in the past the touch of synthetic grass was stiff and the appearance was very artificial, today quality grass is soft and pleasant and has the appearance and color of the natural grass, in fact all our carmels grasses are made of 4 shades so that the natural look, there are even a combination of brown and green tones that even simulate the The sun that dries the grass a bit.

Another benefit is that our Synthetic Turf in Irvine allows us a green garden all year round that is always ready for hosting…

28 Aug 2019

Trimming the myths of synthetic grass

Tough Turf Socal is “green” when it comes to Artificial turf in Irvine & any Fake Grass Installations.
Blue sky above, blue surface spread beneath them and blue uniformed players running back and forth in an attempt to beat the rival team – another routine day at Bronco Stadium in the USA. The sky-blue pitch instead of grassy green manages, time and time again, to spark a huge interest around it including a memorable story about a flock of ducks that plunged right into the field with a view to wading through a clear pool of water.

You will probably agree that in recent years synthetic grass has never looked more real and natural, especially when its color is green, nor will we argue that the most prominent advantage of synthetic grass is the considerable water savings and maintenance costs, but there are still some myths about synthetic grass that it is time to cut one And forever.

Synthetic grass is more expensive than natural grass ? True, if we compare synthetic grass surfaces with natural grass seeds, synthetic grass seems to be more expensive during the installation phase, but if we include various costs such as soil cultivation, lawn watering, pruning and maintenance, pest control and the like, we can see how 3 years the cost of buying synthetic grass returns itself.

Synthetic grass is not as comfortable as regular grass ?
The change in the thickness and fiber length of the synthetic grass and the use of advanced materials that give the synthetic grass a sense of softness have made the synthetic grass more comfortable than the natural grass known for its thorns. Ask any toddler or toddler who encounters high quality synthetic grass and immediately removes shoes and sprawls on it.

Does Synthetic grass quickly worn out ? – Although once the natural grass is trimmed, its green color returns fresh, but even the synthetic grass can maintain a green and fresh tinge for many years, provided you care about the following two conditions: 1. Select a high quality fade resistant synthetic grass. 2. Sweep or brush the synthetic grass once a month or more – depending on the amount of grass activity.

Artificial turf Irvine is not as healthy as natural grass – is that correct ?
We are accustomed to thinking that natural and healthy is not artificial, but in the case of synthetic grass, you do not have to be concerned about the health of your children or pets, because synthetic grass, unlike natural grass, is not sprayed with chemical or other harmful means. This is of course provided that the synthetic grass is approved by the Standards Institute.

Is Fake Grass Installation in Irvine provides a dry natural grass ?

Many people make the mistake of thinking that synthetic grass dries more slowly, but the facts prove that the opposite is true – synthetic turf dries faster, after the rain, compared to a regular lawn. The reason for the mistake lies in the fact that in the past synthetic grass was installed without worrying about preparing the proper infrastructure, but today when the synthetic grass installation also includes: alignment, cleaning the soil and maintaining drainage openings – the synthetic grass certainly dries faster than normal grass.

Does Artificial turf in Irvine is not as strong as natural grass ?

If the synthetic turf at the big stadiums is sufficiently resistant to a bunch of big players running, kicking and fumbling on it without even a single clearing being created on the surface, it can certainly hold up to the romp of a group of kids, as naughty as you may be.
Synthetic grass woven in the zig-zag weave does not drop out, because the zig-zag weave gives the fibers a stronger grip compared to synthetic grass woven in regular weaving. Used properly and properly maintained, high-quality synthetic turf in a zig-zag weave can last for many years.
If you install high quality synthetic grass in your yard, you are guaranteed hours and hours of fun and recreation and who knows maybe even the ducks will get confused and choose to come visit your lawn too.

28 Aug 2019

Do’s and don’ts in the purchase of Synthetic Turf in Los Angeles.

“Synthetic grass, in our garden?” You wonder.
Well, do not be surprised, because of its green / fresh look all year round, thanks to the ease of maintenance and especially because of the huge water savings, synthetic grass has long since left the public pool and became popular in private homes.

Just like everything else in life – there’s synthetic grass and synthetic grass – so if you’re interested in a synthetic grass that will look like real grass and its green colors will stay fresh for years, you’ll have to make sure you buy the best synthetic grass for your needs. That is why we have prepared for you the guide “do and do not do” in purchasing synthetic grass!

What to DO : Look at the synthetic grass

“There’s nothing like an eye sight” – even when it comes to synthetic grass! Therefore, our recommendation is to carefully examine the synthetic grass in a lighted place (if possible in a place lit by natural light). With strong lighting or natural lighting you can make sure that your synthetic grass has no trace of artificiality.

Please note that if there is more than one color range in the fibers of the synthetic grass it looks more natural, and a combination of four shades creates the perfect look.
And if you’re already in the store, you can go on to the next section …

Feel the Synthetic Turf in Los Angeles.– definitely a DO !
High quality synthetic grass is soft grass that is easy to touch and tread on, but when each of us has a different meaning for the word “pleasant”, even if an acquaintance or neighbor recommends a particular model of synthetic grass, this does not mean that this model will necessarily be convenient for you , So it is not recommended to buy synthetic grass without “fumbling” it in the store.

Make sure that behind the word durability there is proof. Every shopkeeper can say that his synthetic grass is the most durable, but few can prove it. One way to make sure that the synthetic grass you want to purchase is really strong and durable is to make sure that the grass is woven in a zigzag weaving that ensures that the grass fibers will not be torn after a short period of use.

Check the lawn warming : There is nothing more disappointing and frustrating than walking on fresh green grass that suddenly feels like boiling heart. In recent years, thanks to ground breaking technology, it is possible to create synthetic grass that does warm up, but not too much, so that it can be stepped on even during the hottest hours. You should check with the seller that the grass you are purchasing will not “burn” under your feet.

Without warranty – Do not buy synthetic turf without manufacturer warranty. If the lawn is made by a reputable brand of quality and if you say about the kind of synthetic grass you want to purchase that is durable for many years, there is no reason that you will not get manufacturer’s responsibility for it.

Unsafe – Do not buy synthetic grass if you do not know above all that the grass is safe for use by children and animals. It is important to make sure that synthetic materials are not used in the process of manufacturing synthetic materials that are unhealthy or harmful to the environment.

Do not compromise on your Synthetic Turf in Los Angeles.: Today, when there is such a huge diversity of synthetic grass, there is no reason to compromise; Not on the color of the grass, not on its softness, not on the length of your favorite fiber or even on its installation.

If you “do” and “do not do” what is said in this guide you are guaranteed full enjoyment of your lawn for many years of recreation in the garden.

28 Aug 2019

How to choose the right Synthetic Turf in Los Angeles ?

To facilitate the selection, installation and maintenance of synthetic grass, we have prepared a guide that will lead you on the way to the dream garden, to the balcony or even to incorporate a piece of grass in the nursery or office. Do you understand?
It is important that the synthetic grass be adapted to the Israeli weather conditions. As we know, our Israeli sun is hot and therefore, it is important to choose a quality lawn with protection against fading.
Make sure that the synthetic grass you have purchased is approved by the Standards Institute, which will not contain cadmium and lead and will be free of toxins. Especially if the lawn is also used as a playground for children and babies as a place to host and meet.
Preferred that the synthetic grass be woven so that it had a strong grip on the fibers and a uniform, dense look. Choose a product that looks fresh and natural over time and will be soft and pleasant to the touch, will not fade and will have a high recovery capacity (fibers that are straightened back after treading).
But we have a lot of types of synthetic grass here in Los Angeles – what’s the difference ?
There are many types of grass, in a variety of different densities and qualities. Floor Design is the only company that manufactures synthetic grass in Israel, based on technological experience in the manufacture of tapestry carpets. The company has developed a weaving method called Zig Zag, which is made of European-made fibers that have undergone a process of preventing heat and create a strong and durable product. Synthetic grass contains four shades combined for a natural look and includes seven years warranty in case of fading.

Wembley grass, for example, combines four shades of green that bring it closer to the appearance of natural grass. The zig Zag fabric developed by the company enables a strong fiber grip that prevents any dropout or disintegration.
The Diamond Grass is suitable for those who like the sight of fresh green grass that seems to have just chopped and sipped and is in its prime. Wonder Grass grass includes innovative development – it has W fibers that rise after stepping.
The grip of the fiber is reinforced more, so the grass is exceptionally durable

What about Synthetic Turf regulation in Los Angeles ? – we got you covered !
Improper installation of synthetic grass, even of the highest quality, can lead to disappointing results. Therefore, it is recommended to use qualified and professional installers.
“The installation of synthetic grass requires skill and professionalism,” says Eli, a certified installer at our design center, “It is important to make sure that the grass has fibers that are durable and have UV protection Which do not heat even when the sun is beating “.

How is the maintenance of Synthetic Turf Los Angeles ?
Now it’s time to sit down, lift your legs and enjoy all that green. Once the synthetic grass has been installed, you will not have to mow, fertilize, and water. However, it is important to clean the lawn carefully with a broom and vacuum cleaner, or gently with a flexible rake or air blower. Stains of drink and the like can be cleaned with water. To keep the grass at its best, it is best to brush it a few times a year, and it is sometimes advisable to change the locations of heavy objects to prevent abrasion in certain areas.

28 Aug 2019

Please step on our grass !

The desire to enjoy outdoor seating during most of the year, as well as the benefits of simple maintenance and water conservation, have made the synthetic grass the undisputed star of gardens and balconies.
Here at ToughTurfSocal.com we get hundreds of happy customers sending us thank you emails about how much water they saved and how much better our Artificial Turf in Irvine is.
Summer is already here, and for many of us the outside becomes the center of attention.
This is the time when the soft sofas and TV blankets are neglected in favor of family gatherings and activities in the garden, yard or terrace, which serve as a multi-functional external room suitable for reading and preparing lessons.
In the summer months, gardens with real grass enslave their husbands for constant maintenance, not to mention the water bill that rises to frightening heights. In order to enable the family members to sit outside in peace and quiet and to remove from the proprietors unnecessary concerns, they increasingly prefer the Artificial Turf in Irvine, which has been gaining momentum in recent years and comes in a variety of styles and shades of choice.

Why chose our Artificial Turf in Irvine branch of ToughTurfSocal.com ?
Simple – the technology today enables a combination of grasses that mimic real grasses, so it’s really hard to tell the difference. The advantages of the synthetic lawn are that after a one-time installation the garden is easy to maintain and ready to stay, This year includes nice and pleasant winter days, in which children can play outside.
It turns out that the need to save water, as well as environmental architecture that will be maintained over time, has led in recent years to extensive drying of grass surfaces in private and public gardens.
For the simple reason that the payment is one-time, the installation is quick, and the result does not require the employment of a gardener, and here at ToughTurfSocoa.com we also see a lot of use of synthetic grass in the streets of cities, in parks, playhouses.
Design is the most important of course , here at ToughTurfSocal.com – our design is the best Artificial Turf in Irvine – 7 years in a row.
In recent years, the external environment has become more and more designed and invested, and adapts itself to the culture of accommodation and hospitality that is so characteristic of the Israeli public. Whether it is a large garden or a modest balcony, whether in a private house or a rented apartment, outdoor hospitality and aesthetics combine to form an amazing harmony. “In many homes we are even asked to uproot real grass in good condition to replace it with a more practical synthetic grass, which frees its owner from unnecessary worries.” In recent years, we have also witnessed an interesting phenomenon: balconies become blooming gardens. In addition to trees, plants and flowers, customers add synthetic grass to complement the atmosphere.
Sufficient to get a perfect look in gardens of different sizes, nicely combine the synthetic grass with thin.
The thinners are definitely a serious trend, and in order to create a uniform language, we recommend synthetic thinness in different patterns, textures and shades that simulate trees that do not require maintenance or lubrication.

20 Aug 2019

Synthetic Grass Types

Low Synthetic Grass : Low Synthetic Grass This is a straight, long fiber grass – up to 20 mm with curly fibers arranged in rows, creating softness and thickness. This visually synthetic grass looks like a normal natural grass with a similar texture, but on the other hand Less resistant to me than frequent lawns, unlike other types of grass with higher fiber, this cost of synthetic grass is relatively lower than other types of grass and yet more suitable for nurseries, swimming pools and more …

Medium Synthetic Grass: This is a straight-fiber grass that reaches up to 40 mm in length. The fibers of the grass are curly and delicate in texture and soft, and in terms of the cost of this kind of relatively more expensive, it is durable for long-term steering modes and in its appearance it looks like Real natural grass.

High Synthetic Grass: This is a synthetic turf with up to 60 mm long fiber, long synthetic grass, considered to be high quality and durable and long lasting of the existing grass types. High synthetic grass is suitable for upscale ornamental gardens in homes, quality grass looks And look on a level and upgrade each garden to a very high level garden.

For the grass types of grass clippings click here

How to maintain synthetic grass?

Like any element in the garden, synthetic grass is also considered a design aspect that must be maintained in order for the garden to look well maintained for many years, and so enjoy a clean and very essential synthetic lawn. Synthetic grass saves you hard work and regular care, it is flexible, comfortable to sit on Green and looks like real grass. If you have a pet at home, the advantage of synthetic grass is twofold for you because the animals refrain from eating the grass or doing it because the grass has no odor to make it, so you can be quiet about this as well. What you have to do to keep the grass clean and green is at all times to irrigate the grass to remove the dust from it and so that the waste we accumulate over time will come out and the grass will stay clean and well maintained. This can be done with a water hose, a special broom, a leaf rake or a blower, some will say that cultivating the garden even when it is synthetic grass, has a therapeutic essence, so choose the one that is convenient for you to clean your lawn. Although synthetic grass creates an easy life for you without the need to cultivate it every day, it is important to cultivate the lawn and keep it clean on the inside periodically so as not to lose its vitality.

Synthetic grass and pets.

If you got to know normal natural grass, you probably felt that you were the slave of the house and the garden and you may have chased the broom and wiper all day until you got tired of it, raising dogs or cats in this house is a great feeling, but raising them when they dirty the house and when they play in the garden and get dirty in the mud This is another story already.

Synthetic grass has many advantages, but the benefit here is no less important, synthetic grass unlike regular grass does not create mud and will not make your pet do their needs on the grass because the grass does not catch odors and yet they recognize that it is synthetic grass and not natural grass There will be no need for territory, plus the synthetic grass with no insects, fleas or parasites that can infect your animal. Some of you don’t know that our animals like to lawn in the warm sun, it’s nice to see them enjoy, but then we see sockets of grass that have tightened and lost altitude, so synthetic grass prevents this condition and is elastic and resilient even after sitting or heavy weight, so it is recommended In such a situation install synthetic grass with straight fibers in order for the grass to return to normal in any situation. Synthetic grass will also avoid the habit that your pets love to do – dig in the ground or in the grass, when you install synthetic grass in your garden, your dog will not be able to dig, and you will have peace of mind as well as beautiful green grass.

Garden design with artificial grass turf installation in Irvine

Garden designers have discovered the benefits and beauty of synthetic grass and have begun to install many synthetic lawn projects.

both because the lawn creates aesthetically pleasing design and because many customers prefer to install synthetic grass because it reduces garden care hours and also lasts and stays green for long.

Artificial grass turf in Irvine blends beautifully with every possible garden style – Fang Shaw, simple home garden, luxury gardens and lots … artificial grass turf can be installed on concrete, flooring, wood or any garden surface you want to install the lawn over.

Garden designers add additional garden designs to enrich the appearance of the lawn in front of the garden itself by adding waterfalls, upscale ornamentation, colorful lighting, pebbles and other elements that give light to other garden designs.

Proper planning of the garden:

artificial grass turf in Irvine adds to the design of the garden as we have described, but it is important to make accurate planning of the garden from its dimensions, location of everything, dimensions of grass according to the area you want, garden furniture and their location – where will the swing be?

If sofas are purchased and more … Think about the small details whether it is a barbecue area, seating areas, hammocks and more.

In order for the garden not to look too cluttered and for the lawn to blend in with appropriate angles in the garden and create a clean and perfect harmonious look.

our team:

Tough Turf Socal company specializes in the production and marketing of synthetic grass in Europe’s most stringent standards and standards, the staff of a lawn grass company with extensive experience and knowledge in the field to help you choose the type of grass that is most relevant to you.

Our company has good, good quality synthetic lawn products that saves on water costs and will upgrade your garden much more than before.

Over the years, the Lawn Lawn Company has built up a lot of experience in the field for years, in terms of materials quality and installation in the customer’s home.

Tough Turf Socal provides the range of products for the wholesale market as well as private.

If you come to a decision that it is time to change the look of the garden and give it some life and color and you do not know where to start, for this we are here to answer you every step, we will give you professional and courteous advice to enjoy a more aesthetically pleasing green lawn that will make your garden a dream.

For more details and consultation click here


20 Jul 2019

The complete guide to choosing synthetic grass

Know the Expert – Tough Turf Socal for a Greener Future.

artificial grass installation Irvine is an important part of the beauty of your garden, the green color of the lawn gives color and life to the garden and the elements that are around, creating a more colorful and stylish look.

artificial grass in Irvine offers many benefits beyond the beauty it represents by not having to cultivate it, water it and more … which saves you a lot of time, resources and costs.

Today there are many types of synthetic grass made of different materials, different heights, texture or color and more …

The experts at https://toughturfsocal.com Company will tailor your lawn to your needs and desires, with any questions or concerns you may have at your disposal and provide tips and information that will be needed for you.

Complete Guide – Topic List:

Synthetic Grass – What is?How does it improve the look of the garden?
The selection process – How do I know what is the best synthetic grass in my garden?
Why choose synthetic grass – its benefits.
Types of synthetic grass.
How to maintain synthetic grass?
Synthetic grass and pets.
Garden design with synthetic grass.
our team.

Synthetic Grass – What is? And how does it improve the look of the garden?

Our artificial grass in Irvine is artificial grass with high-density plastic wires arranged side by side as a rug.
The grass looks as natural and real as normal grass we all know.
The neighbor’s lawn would always look greener than yours, you must have wondered how he did it? And the answer is simple – installing synthetic grass creates a perfect solution for a well-maintained, beautiful and green garden over time.

A bit of history on synthetic grass:

In the 1960s this was the first time they used synthetic grass, researchers from Irvine first developed synthetic grass and since the grass was updated in sports facilities for the first time, we have already noticed the great advantage existing in synthetic grass by installing and saving maintenance costs and more … since lots of groups Sports discovered the synthetic grass and started installing it around the world.

Over the years, people who are not even in the sports field have begun to realize how much they add to their home garden and make it easier for them, as opposed to regular natural lawn that expends a lot of energy for regular care. In addition, Tough Turf Socal have found that the lawn creates a unique element for the garden and transforms the gardens into aesthetic beauty and many people have discovered The synthetic grass and its many advantages.

How does artificial grass installation Irvine improve the look of the garden?

Synthetic grass unlike regular natural grass maintains a clean and fresh appearance regularly; however, regular grass requires us daily watering at regular hours through drips, etc., cultivation of the garden by a gardener what costs us and of course the grass appearance will be damaged over time, during the winter or summer periods. For example, the grass loses its vitality and its color which turns into yellow which impairs the appearance of the entire garden.

Each of us dreamed of a colorful garden, upscale garden furniture, a pastoral space where you can relax and unwind, the synthetic grass creates a different design look for the garden and upgrades its atmosphere to a much higher quality. Beautiful garden This is a colorful and well-kept garden, the lawn will always look green and glow even after rain or harsh sunshine, what you have to do is just be creative and think of other elements that will be near the lawn like waterfall, colorful flowers, garden furniture and more that will make your garden a dream garden.

The selection process – How do I know what is the best synthetic grass for me?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, synthetic turf comes in stores in a wide variety of colors, heights, and more … Probably you have so many choice options you lost the direction and you may have already forgotten what kind of grass you focused on in the first place, so we will try to give you a background for the grass to match For you and your needs. Each family has its own needs, each garden is designed for different uses and joys, be it garden events, others who will quietly animate them or those who like to play in the garden and step on the lawn for more and more … after you go through what

The future of the sun, now let’s go to the technical details:

Lawn height – Lawn height will appear to be unimportant on the face, but the opposite is true, if you spend a lot of time in the garden, your child playing in the garden, sitting on the lawn, hosting friends on the lawn and more … You will need to choose high lawn and stand up with the recommended height There are 20-50, in addition, there will be those who will connect and love more grass than high, this is a matter of course.

Fiber Density – The denser the grass, the more natural and naturally durable it will look.

Grass Shade – Grass shade is important too, if you like lighter grass with darker colors that blend into the rest of the garden, choose a darker shade of grass, and vice versa.

Type of Fiber – Polyethylene Material It is a highly recommended material that meets environmental standards, is durable in harsh weather and maintains its perpetual vitality, and most importantly, it does not emit toxins. The thickness of the fiber is also important, the thicker the fiber, the better and durable.

Lawn Carpet Weight – For the weight of the grass carpet, high quality, good quality carpet should weigh between 2 and 3 pounds per square foot. In addition, the amount of fiber between the spacing and the seams in the lawn carpet is also important, as the smaller the stitch spacing, the optional spacing is one cm between the stitches.

Drain openings – It is important to note when purchasing a lawn carpet that has an infrastructure for the carpet opening itself, you should note that there are drain holes in the carpet, however, when installing please note that there is a slight gradient for the drainage process to be faster.

Why Choose our artificial grass installation in Irvine – Advantages:

Synthetic lawn has many advantages, over time many people begin to understand this, and opt for a synthetic lawn installation that gives a more vivid and design look to the garden.

Advantages of synthetic grass:

Water saving: As a result of rising water prices in our country, this is surely the first benefit that comes to our mind, we also get tired of perpetual irrigation of natural grass and spend a lot of money on water, so synthetic grass is a solution for you and makes it easier for you not to have to water and no need to incur additional costs Extra monthly.

Lawn care: Synthetic grass does not require you to pay the gardener to prune or shape the lawn, natural and beautiful synthetic grass as it is without need for pruning and care every month, whatever it saves you something else – fines, fines from the municipality were due to pruning noise at certain times and You have not spared this yourself, and you will not have to clean up the pruning and work hard.

Fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides: Natural grass as opposed to synthetic grass is part of nature, and for this reason insects and pests are damaging to the grass and its color turns yellow to live green, in the case of synthetic grass you will not encounter insects like these or parasites that will need you to take care of, what you need and enjoy If your child is quiet, play on synthetic grass knowing that it is free of any harm. In addition, it is not necessary to fertilize the synthetic grass like a regular natural grass that needs regular feeding.

Process of recycling: As we mentioned, synthetic grass is made of a material called polyethylene known as environmentally friendly that can be recycled. In addition, the synthetic grass is resistant to sunlight. The life of the grass is between 15-20 years, the grass is not dirty and does not create mud at home, your lawn will be green, no unnecessary weeds, no worries of allergies when you only have to enjoy the greenery and the aesthetics of your garden.


04 May 2019

What Are The Benefits of Artificial Grass

We live in a world where awareness of environmental issues and sustainability is on the rise. Everyone around the globe is already aware of the greenhouse effect, global warming, waste quantities and recycling of the raw materials we use. In Israel, as well, the situation is no different, and awareness of the issue exists and is internalized. You can see campaigns for saving water, protecting the environment and recycling tanks in every corner. When considering the issue of synthetic turf and the environment can be seen a close connection between the selection of synthetic vegetation and the preservation of our environment. To explain the relationship a little and how to protect the environment while installing synthetic grass, here are some explanations to explain the idea. Synthetic grass and the environment – all the explanations
Synthetic grass and the environment Water saving
We all know the famous campaign that informs us that Israel is drying up. There is no need to explain why. The rains in Israel last for a few days a year, the quantities are not enough, and you have to save every drop. Due to this situation, installation of synthetic grass sounds like the perfect solution. There is no need for irrigation so that there is no waste of even a drop of water. You enjoy a green and flowery garden, but you keep the water in the country at the same time.

Synthetic grass and the environment without fertilization
Natural gardens and plants require regular fertilization so that they can develop properly. The fertilizer currently known in the farm may contain toxic chemicals and if used, it can seep into the soil and the water below it. With synthetic grass, there is no need to use fertilizers at all, and the risk of contamination disappears completely so that the environment is well preserved.

Synthetic grass and environmental preservation
The fabric of life and vegetation in nature is extremely delicate. Everywhere there are plants that grow there and any other plant that comes to the area may damage them and cause them to disappear. If you decide to install real vegetation sometimes you can cause ecological damage to your environment by bringing plants that are not intended to grow in the area, or different insects that come with the plants and can cause problems in the fabric of life. Synthetic grass does not affect any animal or plant around it and if you install it you can be sure that you leave your environment to live and blossom.

Synthetic grass and the environment
We live in a world where awareness of environmental issues and sustainability is on the rise. Everyone around the globe is already aware of the greenhouse effect, global warming, waste quantities and recycling of the raw materials we use. In Israel, as well, the situation is no different, and awareness of the issue exists and is internalized. You can see campaigns for saving water, protecting the environment and recycling tanks in every corner. When examining the […]

Synthetic grass saving expenses
Today’s economic situation is not simple for most Israeli citizens. The cost of living, salaries are eroding, and expenses that are increasing cause everyone financial concerns and pressure. But in spite of everything, everyone has dreams they would like to realize, and who does not know the dream about a small garden? Where you can relax, put your feet on the grass and look out calmly? True dream […]