Turf And Pets Are A Match Made In Heaven

Our pets love to play in the yard, but it’s not always the best thing for them. In some ways, a yard can be a dangerous place for a pet. By the same token, pets cause a world of trouble for your yard. How do we give our companion animals the free range time they crave, while side-stepping the less desirable outcomes that can result from pets on the grass? The easy answer? Artificial turf.

No more muddy paws.
With artificial turf, rain soaks right through, so there’s no mud to step- or roll- in. This means cleaner floors for you, and fewer baths for your pets.

Holes and brown spots are a thing of the past.
Dogs and cats love to dig, but not in artificial turf because it’s sturdy and dig-proof for even the most determined diggers. And those unsightly brown spots where the grass has died because of pets using it as a restroom? Those are no longer a problem with artificial grass. Urine soaks straight through to be absorbed by the earth, and solid waste is easy to remove, with just a scoop and a spray of the hose.

A beautiful, healthy, clean play space is always the reality.
Installing artificial turf means your pets always have a lovely, fluffy lawn in which to play. Not only that, but your outdoor time can be recreational again. With no need for mowing, fertilizing, or fighting bugs and weeds, you have much more time for backyard romps and games of fetch.

Your pets’ health is no longer in jeopardy.
With a traditional yard, there are always chemicals in the grass. Pesticides, weed killer, and fertilizer can all be hazardous, even if you try to use the least harmful versions on the market. It’s a worry for pet owners, who have to strike the balance between a healthy lawn and a healthy pet. With artificial turf, you don’t have to choose between the two. Foregoing the chemicals means you can allow your pets to play in the backyard to their hearts’ content, with no worries that they’ll track in toxins or get sick.

Happy, healthy pets, playing in a beautiful green yard that requires very little maintenance from you. What more could you want? At Tough Turf, we design, manufacture, install and maintain synthetic turf and grass, with options available for any application and every budget.