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artificial grass | Tough Turf Socal
Artificial Grass Sales & Installation Los Angeles
Los Angeles & Irvine Locations
Mon-Sat: 07:00 - 17:00
21 Nov 2018

Bel Air Artificial Grass

It’s no secret that California is scarce on water, with continual wildfires and an endless drought, many Californians are looking for ways to save water.

Artificial grass (also known as synthetic turf), is the solution people all across California are turning to. With its evergreen appearance, low maintenance nature and water saving qualities it’s never been a better time to change your own lawn to artificial grass!

Tough Turf Socal has the highest quality artificial grass in Southern California.
We are the only artificial grass distributor who offers an 10 year warranty, no cutting or delivery fees, 2 hour delivery(on stocked items), same day delivery on our entire selection, and competitive pricing.

21 Nov 2018

Woodland Hills Artificial Grass

Woodland Hills Artificial Grass/Turf

Synthetic Grass and Lawns for Residential and Commercial Applications

We’re happy to offer free samples and estimates for our prospective clients

If you’re considering a Woodland Hills artificial grass installation from Tough Turf Socal®, we can make the process easy for you.

Feel free to ask for a sample of our artificial turf before you order your synthetic grass lawn or putting green installation.
We are also happy to provide a free estimate for you so that we can assure a synthetic turf installation that falls within your budget.

Tough Turf Socal®, is known for creating custom designs that transcend mere fake grass as you might imagine it.
Our artificial lawns, golf greens, playground turf, pet turf and more are all created using the most realistic and durable synthetic turf the industry has to offer.

We off a number of different styles of grass for you to choose from, all of which you can learn more about on our website.

21 Nov 2018

Orange County Artificial Grass

Water restrictions are unfortunately common in Orange County. Droughts seem to happen every year, leaving lawns looking dead and brown. Tough Turf Socal has the ideal Orange County artificial grass solution for you.

Green Grass All Year

You neighbors will wonder how you keep your grass so green without lifting a finger. Thanks to the superior science behind Tough Turf Socal , they will never know you installed artificial lawn.

Low Maintenance, Low Cost

The hardest part of keeping a lawn looking great all year is paying the high price for a maintenance crew. With Tough Turf Socal you don’t need them!
Synthetic grass doesn’t need to be watered, weeded, trimmed or mowed. It is simple to clean too. Simply spray the grass with a garden hose and the water drains directly through without pooling. You’ll save money, time, and convenience with the ease of Orange County Artificial Grass.

Great Grass for Recreational Areas 

Tough Turf Socal artificial grass solution is safe for children and pets.
Pet owners love this artificial grass solution because dogs can’t dig and the tough fibers of the grass withstand pacing. Muddy, dirty paw prints are also a thing of the past. Synthetic grass is beautiful around pools and other water features. It creates a luxurious environment that stay vibrant and fresh for decades.

Up Your Golf Game

Having your own putting green is every Orange County golfer’s dream. Make that dream a reality with our Signature Series Golf Greens. This Orange County artificial grass solution is made to mimic the look and feel of a golf course, mimicking the exact feel and experience of a golf course. It is custom designed by our experts to fit perfectly in your yard regardless of how much, or how little, space you have. Our putting green experts have worked with the best the business on thousands of projects.

22 Jul 2015

Los Angeles Fake Grass

People around the globe believe the grass is always greener in Los Angeles.
Why not make your lawn match the ideal held by much of the world?
Businesses, studios, schools and homes can greatly benefit from Tough Turf Socal Artificial Grass that requires little maintenance but stays beautiful for decades.

Synthetic Grass That Looks Real

No one wants to waste time on synthetic grass that looks fake.
This synthetic grass Los Angeles product is made to look as though Mother Nature planted it herself.
Tough Turf Socal  artificial grass blades are made with varied hues, giving it a pleasant, realistic appearance.
This material is perfect for studios. Television and film viewers will never know they aren’t looking at real grass.

Touchable Artificial Grass

Synthetic grass should act like real grass, not just look like it.
Tough Turf Socal grass Los Angeles product is made to feel natural and soft. When installed by our experts, it drains perfectly as well. There is no reason to worry about water pooling at the surface or washing away the green of the grass. This is why Tough Turf Socal products are used at renowned resorts, parks and zoos.

No Real Grass Drawbacks

Though Tough Turf Socal’s synthetic grass is made to look and feel real, the comparisons stop there.
This synthetic grass Los Angeles product has all of the great features of a natural lawn with none of the drawbacks.
There is no need for water, mowing or weeding. Brown spots will never appear on this lawn. Mud is a thing of the past, as no soil is required for a grass that doesn’t grow.

Customers who have artificial grass in Los Angeles also experience fewer pests and insects.

An Economic Alternative

A one-time investment in Tough Turf Socal Artificial Grass can save significantly over the course of its life.
Los Angeles based businesses not only save on the expense of hiring a maintenance crew, but they can also save an average of 70 percent on their water bills.

22 Jul 2015

Encino Fake Grass Installation


Save Water and Earn Cash back by installing Tough Turf Artificial turf.
Many Water Utility Companies across California are now offering rebates as an incentive to reduce water usage.

By installing artificial turf, you may receive rebates ranging around 1-2 dollars a square foot. If you live in the SoCal area, you may be eligible to receive a 2 dollar rebate from the the Water$smart rebate program.

Your state, city, or utility offers rebates, tax credits, or other incentives.
Visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency to find out about financial incentives in your area.