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28 Aug 2019

With Tough Turf Socal in Irvine the height of our Synthetic Turf does not really decide the quality

Let us explain.

Our assumption that density and over-height synthetic grass is the highest quality grass is the wrong assumption.

Manufacturers of synthetic grass in the world are making great efforts to develop a product that is closest to nature.

Tough Turf Socal in Irvine is considered to be a leader in grass production and the Israeli Carmel Flor Design Company, are the companies that develop and produce synthetic grass in recent years. We have invested in developing products characterized by advanced technology and high technical standards.

Tough Turf Socal has grown to be the #1 Lawn Maker in Irvine which has tested numerous natural grass types and performed density and fiber level tests that characterize living grass in its natural state. This move “gave birth” to 2 “babies” who brought a new line to the market: grasses with an unusual natural appearance that are very close to “living” natural grass.

We have brought a revolutionary line to shake the lawn industry in the country. In order to achieve the current development, it was necessary to purchase a state-of-the-art machine that would allow us to achieve the highest level of Synthetic Turf Irvine production with optimum density and fiber height. In addition, innovative development with zig-zag weaving and the use of natural shades that simulate the appearance of natural grass make the product a coveted product with a great advantage over the lawns produced in the US.


As mentioned, the synthetic turf industry has improved greatly over the years. The grass is made of plastic types such as polypropylene or polyethylene together with nylon and latex. The latex adheres to the bottom of the grass surface and holds the plastic fibers. The refinement in the plastic industry has meant that over the years the grass has become softer, more durable and of a color similar to the natural color. The more densely woven the fiber, the more comfortable and durable the grass will be. You can choose from several types of grass: low – fiber with length up to 20 mm, fading of the color of the grass.

For different heights of grass, usually the higher the more expensive it is, this is a personal matter related to both budget and design preference. When choosing the grass, it is worth choosing according to the length of the fiber. Another important parameter is fiber density. Another parameter is anti-UV supplements. It is important to have U.V protection to prevent lawn color.

Synthetic Turf in Irvine, especially if you have children, is an important part of the garden. It is important to note that it is important to buy a lawn with a Standards Institution approval, nevertheless, the lawn is used by children and babies for play and sometimes touches the lawn with their hands and then puts their hands in it, so it is very important to make sure there are no toxic materials in the lawn.

In other synthetic products, when the product is quality and made right we get the feeling that we have the real thing, only without the disadvantages of the real thing. Real grass is disappearing from the world, at least from private homes and certainly in Israel. This is rightly done. Real grass swallows vast amounts of water. In addition, real grass is a plant, and just like any other plant we grow in potted plants and occasionally get diseases, pests and more, so does real grass. Synthetic Turf Irvine saves us all the same worries. Our Synthetic Turf in Irvine is made entirely of synthetic material that does not require water or sunlight, its taste is not palatable to any creature and for us it provides the green look and the soft and pleasant surface. If in the past the touch of synthetic grass was stiff and the appearance was very artificial, today quality grass is soft and pleasant and has the appearance and color of the natural grass, in fact all our carmels grasses are made of 4 shades so that the natural look, there are even a combination of brown and green tones that even simulate the The sun that dries the grass a bit.

Another benefit is that our Synthetic Turf in Irvine allows us a green garden all year round that is always ready for hosting…

20 Oct 2015

Artificial Grass Can Keep Your House Cleaner

There are many great reasons for installing artificial turf. It keeps your lawn gorgeously green all year, and you never have to fertilize, use pesticides, or worry about how much water your yard is getting. One reason you might not have considered, though, is this: artificial grass keeps your house cleaner.

Pets are wonderful companions, but they make a mess.
In a traditional yard, furry friends dig, roll, and find many other ways to coat themselves with dirt and debris, which they then track into your home. When the grass is artificial, there’s no mud to roll in or track, which means no muddy paw prints on the floors and carpets. You’ll also have to bathe your pets less frequently, which is a win all the way around

Things you don’t even think about come in on your shoes.
Have you ever considered all that happens in your yard? Animals leave waste, grass produces pollen, rain makes mud, grass clippings stay behind, no matter how much you try to contain them, and your yard produces its own special dust. You might not even see of this, but it sticks to your shoes every time you’re out enjoying the lawn and comes right in to settle in your carpet and those little grooves in your hardwood and tile. With artificial turf, this is not an issue. Rain and urine seep right through and are absorbed into the earth, pollen doesn’t happen, and there’s no mud, dust, or clippings to make a mess.

You may even have been tracking in toxins.
With a live lawn come chemicals. It’s just the way it is! To keep the yard looking its best we fertilize and spray for bugs, and where do all those chemicals go? Some sink into the earth, which isn’t great for the environment. Some come into our homes on our shoes or on our pets. Is a beautiful lawn worth exposing your family to dangerous toxins? What about your pets, who also tend to lick their feet? When you have artificial grass, there’s no need to put down any poison, so there’s no chance it’s getting tracked into your home. Not only that, but you still get to have a lovely green yard, with virtually no maintenance required.

With artificial turf, you eliminate a world of worry, and make your home and yard cleaner, safer, and more beautiful. At Tough Turf, we design, manufacture, install and maintain synthetic turf and grass, with options available for any application and every budget.