Artificial turf in Irvine or, more commonly named, synthetic grass is a quality solution for private gardens.

The high standards set by the nuclear company place it as a leader in the industry and enable it to provide its customers with high quality, durable artificial grass over time.

Artificial shawl from a good house – Tough Turf Socal !

Artificial grass was previously linked to large lawns and public places and today is already taking up a respectable place in the private space. The Nuclear PRO GRASS synthetic lawn family is manufactured by the world’s No. 2 manufacturer, a sole manufacturer in China that manufactures lawns that meet the most stringent FIFA 2 STAR requirements and standards.

The Nuclear Company sets high standards tailored to Israeli consumer and climate requirements in Israel. Green thought and the environment are at the forefront of the company’s business and the products we provide match your demand. Lawns are made from the highest quality materials that do not contain heavy metals (most important in a children’s environment).

Good luck, a fifth model was added to the Tough Turf Socal family – A variety of artificial turf models available at the Nuclear Branches were added, a new one – the 2-tinted ” Tough Turf Socal” model (soon to be available at the chain’s branches).

Tough Turf Socal Artificial turf is an artificial grass with thin fibers + curled fibers that compare to its natural appearance. ” Tough Turf Socal” grass is characterized by a very dense grass with a soft, pleasant texture to the touch.

And some details about the unique Artificial turf in Irvine

  • Synthetic grass is suitable for private gardens, roof gardens, balconies, kindergartens and more
  • The grass fiber height is 35 mm,
  • Overall height of carpet and sheeting is 37 mm
  • The carpet is made from the bottom of a green-colored latex sheet to lower temperature
  • 3/8 stitch interval, 200 stitches per runner
  • Cylinder width 2-4 meters
  • Lawn is sold with 6 years warranty in accordance with company regulations.


The entire Artificial turf in Irvine family marketed by Tough Turf Socal company all over the country is manufactured with the highest quality and technology in the world.

Tough Turf Socal model grass is a unique patented “Smart Fiber” model.

The popular model found in stores and highly sought after by our customers is the “Savion” synthetic grass.

The uniqueness of the “Savion” artificial grass has already been discovered by many satisfied customers who bought and installed in the garden: an ultra-thin support fiber is built inside the synthetic grass fibers.

This fiber supports and aligns the grass fibers, giving the grass a natural and beautiful appearance even after multiple treading. The Nuclear Company gives 6 years of warranty to Tough Turf Socal model in accordance with the company’s by law.


And finally – a recommendation for those who are debating, choosing and buying artificial turf in Irvine – before buying synthetic turf in particular – and multi-year warranty products in general, it is vitally important to purchase such products from a reputable, well-established and knowledgeable veteran who is truly capable of giving back and responsibility over years, and not disappearing from the market after a short period.